As councillors we receive masses of emails and communications about a diverse range of topics. I thought this one on planting trees might be of interest across Caithness. It has been sent out to all councillors across the UK and if there is enough interest we might be able to affect some decisions via planning or perhaps get one or two new small tree planting schemes going in each of the wards in Caithness - although it can apply to any area via your local councillors. It is an interesting idea and all you need to do is take aphoto and use the web site to drag trees into it to see how it would look and then send details on to a councillor. Here is the email we received -

MyView From The Woodland Trust

Launching next week, MyView helps the public to call for tree planting to be used as a mechanism to improve their communities both for people and for wildlife. We hope it will help empower communities to engage with our tree planting campaign, in partnership with their neighbours and local authority.

Though you will be receiving all of the ideas for your area, we do not expect you to come up with all of the answers alone. Our website will also explain that not all ideas can be carried out - but that it is good to share everyone's 'vision' for tree planting.

We offer lots of support and ideas for working together on the website The information ranges from accessing our Woodland Creation Advisors to receiving free Community Tree Planting packs - we have ways to help plant trees for people of all ages and backgrounds in all communities.

We want MyView to generate a better understanding of the role the Woodland Trust is playing in inspiring more tree planting by linking Councillors, Local Authorities and community members together through an electronic, creative process that guides them to the support, funding and community initiatives being run through More Trees, More Good.

What can you do?
Firstly, please take people's ideas seriously. Although individual locations chosen for a re-vamp may not at first sight have promise, there could be a spark of a great idea in there! We want you to be inspired by peoples ideas and enjoy their free thinking approach to where trees could improve the places they live.

Then visit our website It will give you the information and inspiration you require to help you see how tree planting will help you achieve your objectives and goals ? such as delivering your Air Quality Action Plan or planning your Forestry and Woodland Strategy.

Next, please speak to your planners. Share with them your constituent's suggestions and encourage them to take seriously the role of tree planting within their planning decisions.

Finally, use the contacts that we generate for you to engage with your communities. Lots of ideas means lots of support for tree planting - so we hope you can take advantage of their enthusiasm and gain an insight into how popular trees are within your communities.

As we say at the Woodland Trust - good things come to those who plant trees.

We look forward to working with you.

The Campaigning Team
The Woodland Trust