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Thread: Wick High reunion pupils starting in 1978

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    Anonymous Guest


    Yo, ok here is the list .We hope to get something planned for Next year so any interested parties get in touch. For year commencing 1978....

    Adrian Harper

    Aelex Miller

    Alan Gunn

    Alexander Bremner

    Alexander MacDonald

    Alexander MacKay

    Alexander Nicolson

    Alexander Shearer

    Alice Gordon

    Alison MacKenzie

    Alison Webster

    Alistair MacDonald

    Alistair Ross

    Andrew Cabrelli

    Andrew Malcolm

    Andrew Malloch

    Andrew Waring

    Angela Cormack

    Angela Gunn

    Angus MacKay

    Anne Campbell

    Anne Mulraine

    Anne Sutherland

    Anne Sutherland

    Anthea Sutherland

    Antony Blunden

    Arlene MacKay

    Arlene Swanson

    Ashif Mohammed

    Audrey Chisholm

    Audrey Thomson

    Brenda MacKay

    Brian Cormack

    Brian Dewhurst

    Brian Gerrie

    Brian Grant

    Brian McAuley

    Brian Stewart

    Bruce Robertson

    Caroline Cormack

    Caroline Gulloch

    Catriona Doull

    Catriona Fenton

    Catriona MacDonald

    Christine Simpson

    Christopher Message

    Colin Cormack

    Colin Elder

    Colin Murray

    David Cass

    David Lowther

    David Taylor

    Davina Talbot

    Dawn Sutherland

    Deirdre Ross

    Dennise Cormack

    Derek Heaton

    Derry Paterson

    Diana Shearer

    Dianne Davidson

    Donald Cormack

    Donald Cornwell

    Donald MacKenzie

    Donald MacKenzie

    Donald Mowatt

    Donald Swanson

    Donna Campbell

    Dorothy Macadie

    Douglas Bremner

    Edward Beattie

    Edward Sampson

    Eileen Campbell

    Eileen Harness

    Elaine MacKay

    Elaine Smart

    Evelyn Sinclair

    Ewan Graham

    Fiona Carter

    Fiona McAllan

    Fiona Sutherland

    Flora Blair

    George Ewing

    George Gunn

    George Knowles

    George McPhee

    George Morrice

    George Rollo

    Gerald Herring

    Geraldine Scott

    Gilbert McPhee

    Giles McArdle

    Gillian MacDonald

    Gordon Cormack

    Gordon Innes

    Gordon Joyce

    Gordon Plowman

    Gordon Stewart

    Graeme Allan

    Graeme Bremner

    Graeme Douglas

    Graeme Henderson

    Graeme Plowman

    Graham Sinclair

    Gregor Swanson

    Hazel Work

    Heather Campbell

    Heather Henderson

    Heather Webster

    Helen Mathieson

    Hugh Ironside

    Hugh Mallan

    Iain MacPhee

    Iain Sinclair

    Irene Ross

    Isaac McPhee

    Isobel Campbell

    Jacqueline Allan

    Jacqueline Farmer

    Jacqueline Robertson

    James Drummond

    James Howden

    James Meil

    James Miller

    James Sutherland

    James Taylor

    Jamie Sutherland

    Jane Cunningham

    Jane Keith

    Jane Sinclair

    Janet MacKenzie

    Janie Thain

    Jennifer Banks

    Jennifer MacKay

    John Bain

    John Cardosi

    John Innes

    John MacKenzie

    John Mowatt

    John Sutherland

    John Young

    Joyce Henderson

    Joyce Hendry

    Joyce Smith

    Julie Cormack

    June Leask

    Karen Gunn

    Karen MacGregor

    Karen McLeod

    Karen Oag

    Karyn Cowie

    Katherine Miller

    Kathleen MacKenzie

    Kathleen MacPhee

    Katrina Duffy

    Kay Forbes

    Kay Miller

    Kenneth MacDonald

    Kevin Beales

    Kevin MacAuley

    Kevin Wares

    Kirsty MacLeod

    Laura Ferguson

    Lesley Anne Robertson

    Lesley Banks

    Leslie Grant

    Leslie McAlpine

    Lewis Gove

    Liam Sinclair

    Lilian Rosie

    Lilian Sim

    Linda Cormack

    Linda Durrie

    Linda McAdie

    Linda McCarthy

    Linda Robertson

    Lorna Coffield

    Lorna Harcus

    Lorna Shearer

    Lorna Williamson

    Lorraine Aitken

    Lorraine Plowman

    Lynda Miller

    Lynn MacNab

    Lynne Calder

    Lynne Spence

    Magnus Ryrie

    Marea MacKay

    Margaret MacDonald

    Margaret Munro

    Margaret Plowman

    Margaret Sutherland

    Marion Wares

    Martin MacKenzie

    Martin McDonald

    Mary Reid

    Mary Ronaldson

    Mary Stephen

    Mary Swanson

    Matthew Dundas

    Maureen Anderson

    Maureen Crombie

    Maxwell Newlands

    Melanie Chalmers

    Melanie Collins

    Michael Bean

    Michael MacDougall

    Michael Miller

    Michelle Jones

    Michelle Steven

    Niall Burns

    Norma Campbell

    Pamela Cook

    Patricia Henderson

    Pauline Wares

    Phillip Ross

    Rhona Nicolson

    Richard Byrne

    Richard Smith

    Ricky Moore

    Robert Boxall

    Robert Coghill

    Robert MacAdie

    Robert MacKay

    Robert Wyllie

    Rodney Renfrew

    Ronald Simpson

    Ronald Sutherland

    Ross Morrison

    Ruth Lamont

    Sandra MacDonald

    Sandra MacKay

    Sara MacPhee

    Sheona Work

    Shona Bain

    Stefan Rochan

    Stephen Dunnett

    Stephen Smith

    Stephen Sutherland

    Stephen Sutherland

    Stephen Webster

    Stuart MacDonald

    Stuart MacKenzie

    Stuart McPhee

    Stuart Revie

    Susan Manson

    Susan Read

    Sylvia Forbes

    Sylvia Stubbings

    Teresa Wydmuch

    Thomas Munro

    Trevor Izzett

    Valerie Sinclair

    Valerie Sutherland

    Wendy Cormack

    Wendy MacNab

    Weslay Jago

    William Cormack

    William Gunn

    William Henderson

    William MacAuley

    William MacKay

    William MaGee

    William McWatt

    William Rosie

    William Ross

    William Taylor

    Zahid Amin

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    Anonymous Guest



    Upon reading your list of names, I have made a few enquiries. It would seem that a small percentage of the persons mentioned have not yet been reintroduced into society. One man who did'nt, mind his name being mentioned was Ronald Sutherland, better known as Tuddy. Who we all know is completely insane. I suggest you take a long hard think about what it is you plan to create.

    P.S. Donald Macadie wont like being called Dorothy.

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    Anonymous Guest



    Ah can tell you that ah met tuddy a few months ago offshore, He his calmed doon since eh school days boot ah cannae vouch fur whit will happen if ye mix him wi alcahol....

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    Anonymous Guest


    Ah thocht we hed some boskers in wur year boot id looks lek they saved most o thum up for yur year, nae wonder e bloody High School teachers aged so quickly efter ye lot joined!!!

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    Anonymous Guest


    s Colin.

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    Anonymous Guest


    okay Richard all you have to do now is book a venue, hire a disco and send everone an invitation

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    Anonymous Guest


    Ok right ye scruffians Brucer and slew brew away wi ye yer talkin kack as usual.Dingleberry ets easy till book a venue invites are somewhat harder as everyone has moved . need people to get in touch wi us. Ahm damn sure ye will see all oh e neep dockin lot an soread eh word!!!

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    Anonymous Guest


    E Gills crowd 'ill be able til hire e Canisbay or e Groats halls, Colorado wid be a fine turn, if thur no on e pension, or do ye no remember at times Richie??

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    Audrey Bruce Guest


    Richie am thinkin yeel hev til curb yer infatuation we Madame Butterfly and rustle up some crack on iss threed, If ids lookin lek September now then maybe ye can get some kind o date sorted oot when yer hom iss time, instead o playin wi darts!!! Also i wiz thinkin about fowks nicknames, how did Dingus, Pozy and Yeti all get thurs???? Am sure somebody oot there can enlighten us or even add to the list.

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    Anonymous Guest


    Is er any chance that there actually is going to be a reunion this year or hev ah bin gettin all exkited fur nuthin

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    Audrey Bruce Guest

    Default New date for reunion

    Ok everyone the date has been changed to 16th May 2003, that will signify 25 years since we started WHS in 1978. So now we need an idea of numbers to work out how much grub we need to order.

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    Audrey Bruce Guest


    Well choost in case anybody is hevin a wee lookie at iss thread, we have changed the date and venue again, now it will be in the Dounreay club on the 25th July. We shall have it changed on the main reunions postings, where contact details will be available for tickets which are now on sale.

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    Audrey Bruce Guest


    Time is drawing near and we need as many numbers as possible to make this a memorable occasion. Can youcontact the following people if you havent already and buy a ticket please:-

    Jackie More 01955 605776

    Lesley MacDonald 01955 605359

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    cathreine smith Guest

    Default wick high school reuion of 1978

    hi my name catherine smith was catherine stewart am 37 years old and i went to wick high shcool in that year but sad to say did find my nane on your list went to school with mary reid . please cant you keep me in touch with the reuion date thanks.

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    Audrey Bruce Guest


    Hi Catherine, Unfortunately the reunion has been and gone. We did try and contact as many folk as possible and like yourself some names were not on the list. But there is word of another reunion possibly when we are all 40 in three years time, hopefully we will perfect the art of contacting folk and no-one will be left out.

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