After Reading Marina the NE Ranger's article in the paper about the 8 Puffins that she had seen near Lybster, i thougt i had better take a look because i saw 22 at the spot last year.
But as per usual i was side tracked on the way.
As i was crossing an unkept field i saw movement in the grass in front of me, it then froze.
I took a quick picture as seen below

The picture as you can see shows a tail and a ball of fur.
So i sat and waited for it to move, and i waited and i waited, no such luck.
Plan "B".
I put on a pair of gloves thinking even wee beasties can bite, and picked it up.
At this point things went pear shaped.
With beast in right hand camera in left i tried to take a picture, Ah! camera on automatic, beastie to close for camera to focus.
At this point beastie saw it's chance to go, and he made a break for and got clean away.
Leaving me with a poor picture of a Shrew.
Oh! and there were 16 Puffins one stood outside the nest hole.