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Thread: How many people out in caithness are into HEAVY METAL

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    Painkiller Guest

    Default How many people out in caithness are into HEAVY METAL

    Just woundering like. Who's heard of Iced Earth or BLAZE? There must be people out there into judas priest, iron maiden, dio, manowar, metallica, megadeth, anthrax, testament, slayer, sepultura, soulfly, black sabbath, hammerfall, pantera, machine head, bruce dickinson!!! How many of these bands have you heard??

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    ahha now yer talking but am no really into the new stuff apart fae nevermore.
    Blaze is at blaze baileys band? he wiz at his best in wolfsbane

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    Sabbath, Sepultura, Pantera, Soulfly, Machine Head, Metallica!

    I've heard of all of those bands you listed, but the ones i listed are the ones that i listen to

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    Painkiller Guest


    Hey Metal heads, great to know theres aleast two people out there whos actually heard of the bands i'm into!! Yeah its Blaze Bailey!! Wolfbanes was ok, shined on the X-factor and did ok on virtual xi but when he did Sillicon Messiah and tenth dimension then he really showed what he could do. Have you heard about his new album blood and belife it rocked big style sounds like Metallica black album with huge choruses and crunchy riffs!!

    Pantera, vulgar dispaly of power, cowboys from hell,far beyond are metal albums, i got the new soulfly album really really good have you got it? Machine heads new album through the ashes of empires is very impressive. What albums do you like? What you listening to at the moment?

    See ya metal heads

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    reclaiming some of my old thrash/metal/rawk vinyl lp's to cd just bought Exodus fabulous disaster & Motley Crue shout at the devil

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    Painkiller Guest


    Hey Zappster

    Whats with the paul gillbert web site? Raxer x, never heard of them apart from scott travis cause he's the Judas priest drummer and he kicks ass on the painkiller album and jugulator and demoiltion.

    Exodus is amazing i got there new album tempo of the dammed and i'm blown away!!! Gary holt amazing and steve on vocals is intense screaming. Motley crew hahaha no into them. Old thrash LPs, what albums do you have? You got anthrax among the living, death angle lps, slayer reign in blood, south of heaven, any nuclear assualt?

    You mention Nevermore, i only have enemies of reality i thought that was good apart from the crap production. What you think?

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    Hey Painkiller, how old are you?, are you a young guy with cool taste in music or are you an old duffer like myself and Paul Gilbert's stalker.....sorry i mean Zappster

    Zappster used to have an awesome thrash lp collection, but then he got married and his missius made him get rid of most of it, he used to live and breathe Metallica but now he prefers Elton John and comfy slippers ......just kiddin G

    What do you mean you have never heard of Paul Gilbert 'o' Sullivan??......he used to be a guitar student of CC Deville from Poison, but CC said it was like trying to teach a man with no arms to play baseball so he had to give him the boot, so Paul went on to form the band caled 'Mr Big' with some transgender fella called Billy She'man...they were kind of like a heavy metal 'Village People' they sold over 16 records in Outer Mongolia and topped the Mongolian charts for 6 months but then Paul broke his 'A' string so the band split up, he was last spotted selling his soiled underpants on E-bay, the last pair went for someone called...'Zappster'....but they were autographed

    Anyway, if there is any 80's thrash that your looking for then then geez a shout...i just might have what your looking for

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    Has any one here heard of the band Annihilator.

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    yep i have heard of annihilator though i hevna heard anything o theres since alice in hell
    yep i still have the majority of ma thrash collection( though i did have to rebuy some bits n bobs!)
    Hey GIZZMO did ye see ted toleys back in dinger dinger

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    I have the pleasure of saying I saw many of these bands live in my day!The only place at the time to see these bands in Scotland was Glasgow. The first gig I ever went to was Metallica at the SECC when they were doing the whole diamond stage thing! After that it was just full on......I met Pantera in tower records (signed cowboys from hell............and Phil Anselmo must have the biggest hands in the world!!), saw them in concert which was, for want of better words, intense!!!!! Then after that there was the Sepultura gig, supported by Paradise Lost no less, which was beyond any expectation I'd ever had. I don't tend to listen to these bands so much these days but I do remember them being the best gigs I've been to in my life.....................and believe me I've been to a few.


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    Maself n Gizzmo saw& met Anthrax in Edinburgh twice(with testament supporting 1st time, living colour the 2nd time)(Chuck Billy got kicked oota Jenners for throwing stuff aboot!!)
    & we saw Metallica in '88 with Danzig supporting in Edinburgh as well& again we met them backstage after the gig.
    Did you go to the Megadeth/Pantera gig in Glasgow.Pantera were mental live!!

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    Painkiller Guest


    Hey Gizmo

    I'm a young guy no old at all, love heav metal and fed up with the carp that everyone else seems to like. When they speak about music its all this korn, limp, linkin park crap and they thinks its metal!!!

    They've never heard of the metal god rob halford and air raid siren bruce dickinson!!

    Yeah i know loads of bands i've got a huge metal collection from Slayer,testament, exodus, metallica, megadeth, anthraz, ozzy, black sabbath, pantera, machine head, soulfly, seputlura, dio, tony martin, gnr, blaze, halford, priest, iced earth, hammerfal, primal fear and my new found band kreator what a thrash metal band they are!!!! German bu i got there new cd/dvd box set and there amazing, sound like slayer meets anthrax.

    Yeah, what thrash lps do you have? Have you got Exodus bonded by blood? Fabalous disaster? Death Angel act 3?

    Paul Gilbert, no heard of him till i went on this board. Why don't zapper have a real guitarist as a hero like Ritchi blackmore, tony imomi, dave mustaine, kerry king, dimbag darrel, kirk hammet, kk downing, glen tipton, dave murray, adrian smith, etc

    Glad there are some people in caithness into this great form of music!! Up the irons

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    Painkiller Guest


    Is anyone here going to see DIO in August in Glasgow barrolands? Or has anyone been to download festival this week in glasgow to see metallica, machine head?

    Wow you guys have been to some cool concerts in your time, wish i was there when all this cool music was around and kicking arse instead of what we have today.

    Who would you like to sing for iron maiden if Blaze bayley never took to job in 95? I think blaze was great so i'd stick with him. The same with Judas Priest. I think Tim Owens dids a amazing job in priest singing his stuff and singing halfords old songs nearly perfect what does anyone else think? I think they could of used Ralf Schreeps from primal fear he sounds just like halford its scary, primal fear albums sound like painkiller album so its all good.

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    Going to Download next week but just for one day to see one band - HIM. None of the other stuff.

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    PAINKILLER You asked Who would you like to sing for iron maiden if Blaze bayley never took to job in 95?
    I've got a bootleg of Skid row with Sebastian Bach singing a wee bit of children of the Damned & it was excellent so he'd be my choice.
    Kreator were a great band(probably still are!)
    have you heard any of these classic albums
    ACCEPT-Restless & wild
    ACCEPT Balls to the wall
    Anvil-Metal on metal
    Twisted sister-Under the blade
    also have you Heard Destruction/Sanctuary(Dave Mustaine produced)/Obituary/Forbidden/Vio-Lence/Black flag/Danzig all worth looking up!

    & Yes i appreciate Kirk Hammett/Iommi/Rhoads/Wylde/Van halen/Holt & Hunolt/Skolnick/Mustaine/Downing& Tipton/Smith& Murray etc tremendously but my favourite is Paul Gilbert
    HEY GIZZMOO...Still got that METAL DUCK LP? or ACID REIGN...haha

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    Floodland Guest


    I'm surprised that such music guru's as your good selves do not recall and make reference to the mighty Nottingham based thrash gods...Lawnmower Deth?!...

    "Ooh Crikey.." was ahead of its time with such classic riffage, and then came a formidable cover version in the form of Kim Wilde's "Kids In America", phew.. The memories come flooding back..

    It is cool reading these bands names though after such a long time.

    HIM aren't bad, (As mentioned above) but to endure a whole festival for a day just to witness one band seems dedicated indeed. Mind you, they "Love Metal".. Errr.. *Air guitar*..

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    lol LAWNMOWER DETH wonder whatever happened to them haha!!were they not on the split lp with metal duck?
    Onslaught.. another british metal/frash band that dissapeared quick style
    & whatever happened to the mighty Dread Zeppelin!
    Grunge had a lot to answer for(though thankfully it DID give us Alice in Chains!)

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    mds_hhl Guest

    Default Lawnmower

    Well you asked whatever happened to lawnmowerdeth. One of them, Paddy, comes to see our band headhunglow when we play Nottingham. Seems strange to see them mentioned here as I wanted to raise the subject of our band coming to play in Caithness. We are a hardcore/metal metalcore (call it what you will) band from Nottingham and your home is the homeland of our guitarist. Taking the risk that he won't by chance find this message, I'm trying to arrange a gig date for us during the last week of August 2004. He returns home to visit his family and I wanted to surprise him by getting us a date. We are signed to an indie-label and have a pro backline as well as PA and light rig etc and the ability to transport it all. We wanna come to your town, at our own expense, cause it will blow our guitarist away. Any venue will suit. It would be cool if one or two local bands would play too. Any ideas???

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    Painkiller Guest


    Hey Zappster,

    Bach would be good i heard from the maiden bullentin board that others recomended him as a good singer for maiden. The bands you listed i have heard of but no got any of there stuff.

    Seems like i've started up quite a thread, lots of people getting involved in it. Kreator are still as awesome as ever. Who's got CANS Beyond the gate album? It came out 19th of April and its great, powermetal very fantasy orientated. What a singer. Paul Gilbert, no vivian campbell though is he that dude when he was in DIO was Amazing!!! Or Doug Aldrich!!!!

    HIM goth metal, ok band only heard solitary man and love him or what ever it was called. Who mentioned VIO lence? Ain't that the band ROB Flynn from machine head was in and Phill Demmel?

    The dude who was on about a gig in Thurso or wick, theres skinnandies nightclub that might do or the waterfront at wick!! The local bands here are crap no heavy metal bands!! Theres one called estella but its young school kids that play guns/roses and aerosmith and have that gay hair styles of the 80's. Boss Hogg are melodic rock, not to bad but ain't metal thats for sure, i know the bass player out of boss hogg, there your best bet for a support slot. Don't mind mind igorance as theres so many metal genres but metal core is that realy fast with screaming death vocals and 200 mph drumming and guitars!!! If that is what you play that will shock people to hell in Thurso, be funny. Hope i've been of some help

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    metallica are the boys

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