Hi all,
see below some of the ranger guided walks in May.
Unfortunately we have to charge this year (adults 3, kids 2).
If anyone would like to receive more info on our walks, just drop me an email saying "Pritty Please!" on: dieter.tuerlinckx@highland.gov.uk
Hope to see you around

Sunday 9th
Walk of silence
Challenge yourself and see if you can remain completely silent on this lovely walk from Lybster to the old herring station. Bring lunch. Meet at Waterlines, LybsterHarbour.
ND 243 349
. Contact Dieter: 01955 607758

Sunday 16th
10.30 am
Come explore Dirlot castle and the beautiful area it is located in. Meet at forestry car park (500 m past quarry)
ND 119 491
. Contact Dieter: 01955 607758

Monday 17th
Clowns of the ocean.
A short walk to view a magnificent puffin colony in the Dunbeath area. More details on booking (essential).
Contact Marina: 01955 607758

Sunday 30th
Le pays perdu
Visit the forgotten village of Badryrie, learn about wildlife and ancient monuments along the way. Bring lunch. Meet at Loch Stemster road end.
ND 186 422
. Contact Dieter: 01955 607758