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Thread: unsure

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    Default unsure

    hi new to org can't decide whether to breed our husky/labrador pure black or to pay a visit to the vets with her.

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    The vet. There are so many unwanted puppies around.
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    Agreed with the above. If she were pure bred I could see your reasoning but she is just a crossbreed

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    I second that . Waaaaay too many dogs needing homes already .

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    I completely agree that there are alot of puppies and dogs that need homes, gosh i wish i could help but i cant

    Anyways the decision is purely up to you. Since she is a cross breed then if you plan on selling them you really wouldnt get alot of money for them, but obviously it is not about the money but producing families with some brilliant companions.

    Good luck! And we are here to help x
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    what would be your reasoning? to be a good breeder you have to be willing to take responsibility for your pups a lot longer than 8 weeks after they are born.

    Bitches don't need a litter before being spayed so unless you have another reason other than cos she's lovely and would be such a good mother get her done

    my oldest boy (4) who's had all his health checks, hip/elbow scores, eyes, etc for the intention of using him as a stud got his bits chopped off yesterday. His breed is overflowing with unwanted dogs so I decided not to bring more into the world and got him done

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    Default husky/lab

    What do you mean she is a crossbreed and therefore any puppies wouldn`t be worth much , just call them labsky`s and you can get a fortune for them just like all those other crossbreeds !!!

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    I have to agree with Scorpion there is alot of wanted puppies as well as unwanted and with all the new breeds and people wanting unique pets I dont see why not as long as you have the time for the pups as they find there feet pretty quick and also are quite demanding time and diet wise.

    Quote Originally Posted by scorpion View Post
    What do you mean she is a crossbreed and therefore any puppies wouldn`t be worth much , just call them labsky`s and you can get a fortune for them just like all those other crossbreeds !!!
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    Loads of beautiful unwanted puppies needing good homes and the love they deserve....many folks will have thought the same as please take her to the vet.

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    Please don't breed from her, hundreds of dogs are being put to sleep everyday as there are not enough homes. Would you be willing to look after possibly 10 pups? The mother cannot feed them for 8 weeks, they will need food once they are a bit older. Then you will also need to worm them ALL, start vaccinations, and have them all checked by a vet. That gets expensive. Plus, would you be able to care for the pups should anything happen to the bitch? Having a litter also puts her at risk of cancer in the future.

    Pregnancy can go wrong, the birth can go wrong, she could end up needing a C-Section (which can cost up to 1000). Could you afford that? Not to mention that can go wrong as well.

    Have a read of this link -

    I want to make some money!

    Breeding, and doing it right, is an expensive undertaking. By the time you've picked out a good bitch, waited for her to grow old enough (minimum age: two years before breeding), picked out the best dog to mate her with, gone through all the health checks she needs, ensured that the dog you want to use also passes the same health checks, you've invested a lot of time and effort. You still have to pay a stud fee (or give a puppy back), you have potential extra expenses during pregnancy, you have the time and expense of whelping (either you take time off from work or something goes wrong and you have to take her in to the vets). You need to keep the puppies for a minimum of 8 weeks before sending them to their homes; you need to advertise and find good homes for the puppies, you need to make sure they have had their shots before going. You may have possible vet bills if the puppies require extra attention. If some of the puppies die, or you have a smaller than usual litter, you may not get as much money from the sale of the puppies as you had though. There are even potential problems later on with dissatified customers! You are better off consulting with a financial wizard about investing the money you would otherwise spend and lose on breeding!
    Breeders frequently count themselves lucky if they break even.
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    Agree with the 'vet' crowd! All my girls are dressed, don't want to have any of the problems mentioned by Sarah above, don't want to lose any of my girls to pyometra or mammary cancer later in life, don't want to lose 'mum' and have to hand raise a big litter, or lose pups as well, don't want to be sued by future puppy owners if something 'goes wrong' with their pup that I haven't health tested the mother for, etc, etc. Did I mention I'm pro-neutering (just in case you didn't realise, hehehe)

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