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Thread: Missing Dog

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    Default missing dog

    I`ve been taking my two from the lifeboat shed along the coast path to Oldwick Castle and beyond at the weekends and a couple of nights through the week but no sign at all unfortunately

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    i hope and pray everyday i come on here, that holly will have been found, but unfortunatly it isnt working out that way, think we should rename her the littlest hobbo.
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    Default Holly

    Sorry to let you know that its been over two weeks now since there has

    been a positive sighting of Holly
    But Im still hopeful with the amount of people who now know of her, then if she is spotted we will hear about it quickly.
    Thanks to everyone who is willing Holly home if only she knew how much everyone is rooting for her!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by balto View Post
    i hope and pray everyday i come on here, that holly will have been found, but unfortunatly it isnt working out that way, think we should rename her the littlest hobbo.
    me too i check every day more than once xxxxxxx

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    The female collie found in Rumster forest on Sunday was not Holly, but it could be the collie we had a call about on the 8 April when we were 5 days into our search for her. This gives me hope that Holly will still be surviving if this collie has been on her own for so long.
    I check the org everyday too just incase a miracle happened overnight and there is a post FOUND HOLLY!!!

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    Oh Dollycat my heart goes out to you as, if we are all disappointed that Holly hasn't been found yet, then God knows what it must be like for you!

    Still it is heartening that a dog who went missing at the same time has been found and, yes, it does sound like the one you were alerted to.

    So still high hopes that Holly will be found safe and well soon.xx

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    What a heartache for all concerned, but here's hoping that there will be a joyful reunion soon.

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    Default Holly has a sister

    Daisy the collie dumped in Rumster forest over a month ago and left there on her ownwill be part of our family tomorrow.
    We are all very nervous but very excited about giving this lovely girl a second chance in life.
    Shes with a brilliant foster mum just now but we get her tomorrow afternoon.
    The search for dear Holly still goes on and we are now changing our search to further out around the area of Hempriggs House.
    So now she will have another set of ears and eyes searching for her.
    We are absolutely gutted not to have Holly back yet and Daisy is not her replacement, Holly cant be replaced, ever but fate has intervined and Holly will be lucky to have such a wonderful, shy but loving sister to share her life with when she comes home, still hoping and praying for news every day.
    Thanks for all your support on the org. we are overwhelmed by your interests in the safe return of holly

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    I hope you find Holly and good luck with your new dog. If you want to start some recall in an enclosed area just give me a shout x

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    Absolutely delighted for you and Daisy.

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    How lovely and the lure of Daisy just might be enough to bring Holly out of hiding......So glad the shy Daisy has found someone to love her......still have everything crossed for Holly to come home

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    Lets hope that by tempting fate Holly makes a swift return.

    So glad Daisy has found a loving home with you.
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    Well done for giving Daisy such a wonderful home and also for not giving up on Holly.

    I am sure that Daisy will really enjoy her many walks out looking for her 'sister'.

    Photos please of your new arrival!

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    Delighted for you all, Daisy couldn't have gone to a better home.
    We will still carry on searching for Holly.

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    Well thats Daisy home and has met the family and of course catherine,Dawn and Maureen(the Holly Hunters), such good friends who keep on trying different tactics every day to lure Holly out of hiding.
    Daisy is an amazing dog, the cats came out of bed! for a wee nosey, didnt get a reaction so went back to bed unamused.
    Found out she doesnt like black clothes, twice shes been frightened of my boy in School uniform otherwise shes just an absolute Angel, even hubby is smitten!
    Her appetite is poor and I dont think she knows about toys and balls but its early days and she sure will get loads of love, she loves being stroked could sit there all day I think.
    Hopefully, well get news of Holly soon even if its just news of a sighting and we can get these two beautiful girls united into becoming best friends!!
    Now that would be a fairytale ending

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    Smile Daisy

    Hi Dollycat

    Thank you again for giving Daisy such a lovely home sure she will repay you loads over the years (in the way only a dog can - with total unconditional love) for the place you have given her in your family. We will all keep on searching for Holly, I'm sure it is only a matter of time and patience with a wee sprinkle of luck that will help us find her. Think her and Daisy will get on famously when HRH Holly decides the time is right to come home.

    You can please some o the fowk some of the time, but you canna please all o the fowk all of the time.

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    i was just wondering if there has been any more sightings of hollie?

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    No there hasnt been any news in a long time now but we are still looking for her.

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    Please don't lose hope Dollycat !!

    Everyone on here is rooting for Holly and I'm really sure that she'll be home with you and her "new sister" very soon!

    Thinking of you all; take care and chin up
    I'm the kind of woman whose feet hit the floor each morning, and the Devil says........... " Oh, Blast She's Up !! "

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    Default Missing dog

    Hey I have been following this story from near enough the start and was deeply touched about the unfortunate event that happened. I was just wondering if you had any luck in finding your dog? Best Wishes x

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