Thought this was the best place to put this. Not in any way wanting to lower the tone of this wonderful new thread, but wondered if others out there in the tourism business share my pain.

Getting geared up for the busy season ahead; sending tourist information to my spring and summer guests (have a luxury holiday property).

I have had to grapple about finding leaflets and brochures (due to the restrictive opening hours of the tourist information centres) these last couple of months. Sooo frustrating! Equally frustrating is the amount of leaflets that don't go out - May opening of our many attractions is no use to guests coming at Easter (but that's possibly for another time).

Hoorah - the new leaflets are out and thanks to good old JoG Tourist Information centre now being open, I am cooking on gas.....well, almost!

I have a simple request for fishing info from some guests arriving for Easter. I get a related leaflet. I am about to pop it in the envelope to my prospective guests and I think, no, I'll call the information centres myself just to see what kind of advice is given (& I take a mental note that I need to gen up on fishing info). I call the numbers on the "time to enjoy Active CAITHNESS" leaflet:

1. THURSO Tourist Information Centre 01847 892371
Beep, beep, beep The number you have dialled has not been recognised....

Hmmph, not deterred, I call Wick,

2. WICK Tourist Information Centre 01955 602596
Beep, beep, beep This number does not receive incoming calls....

Is there a phrase for it? Probably, but wouldn't wish to get myself banned from this great new thread.....

What are our visitors to Caithness to think when we're handing out the likes?