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12-May-06, 18:31
While driving near Scotscalder i saw a sparrow size bird sat on a fence post.
Its body colour was a fantastic reddish brown, head was black, folded wings had a white bar, apart from it's head and the white bar, it was redish brown all over.
I've looked at all the pictures i have in my book, can't find anything like it.
Any one have any suggestions ???

12-May-06, 22:12
Sounds like a male bullfinch in full breeding plumage, they can be quite atartling

12-May-06, 22:42
Could be a Stonechat.

12-May-06, 23:57
Thanks Lizz & r rackstraw.
I did run a i.d check through a CD i've got and it came up with 4 species.
Bullfinch i thought was the closes match but it does have dark wings, this bird was uniform redish brown (more red than brown)
The stonechat is again quite dark on the wings.
The only part of this bird that was dark was it's head.
I think it must be a Bullfinch that does'nt fit the normal discription.
Never got a camera when you need one.

14-May-06, 22:15
Hi there.

I am a bit stumped but a Bullfinch is quite visibly bulkier than a sparrow if this is any help.

I dont want to sound silly but could it have been a Male Chaffinch. They have a dark head, are very red/pinky and there white flash on their wing can be very prominent.
Bullfinch below.


15-May-06, 11:42
Thanks for the picture of a chaffinch Kas. There was 1 in my garden for a few weeks and I didn't know what kind of bird it was. They are really bonnie :) My bird table is really quiet just now, is this because the weather has warmed up a bit and the birds are finding their own food or are they all off breeding? I haven't seen anything but sparrows and starlings lately.

15-May-06, 19:00
I did consider thoes birds, but the problem i have, is i only saw the white wing bars on the general body colour. and that was a fantastic redish brown leaning towards the red.
I even checked my books accidentals, no luck.(collins pocket guide to birds 3000 colour illustrations)
I suspect a combination of light and the fact i was moving affected my perception.
Unless someone else reports the same bird then we will never know for sure.