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20-Feb-10, 02:40
hi guys, heres a wee tip 4 u all, i recently came across a website where u can watch the latest films like percy jackson, the wolfman, and all new releases. Also watch the final series of lost upto 3 days before it goes on sky tv.
so im gonna share my discovery with you all. If you need any advice on it jus leave a message and ill get baack to you.
also post comments if you like it,
heres your instructions. Go to google and type in these words. -- tvshack. Then ckick on it!
thats it, its so simple, all you need to do to get started straight away is give an e-mail address and your ready to watch the latest episodes of your favorite t.v episodes or any upto date film. Includes all box sets of lost, greys anatomy, supernatural, ghost whisperer i could go on forever, dont take my word for it, see for yourselves.
post comments please and enjoy your own cinema at home.

20-Feb-10, 20:38
cheers for the link