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15-Feb-10, 20:54
One thousand posts on Caithness Org
Have dribbled out of me
How many were of use I ask
Perhaps just two or three
How many made a change in world
It wasn’t very many
In fact as I skim through them now
I’ll safely say – Not Any

There were the ones that seemed important
Got me pretty riled
And others put blood pressure up
And made me total wild
But in the greater scheme of things
Though people I’ve upset
I ask myself, ‘Was it that bad?
It’s only Internet!’

To look just now at all my pals
A - sniping at each other
As Spring gets closer every day
I wonder why we bother
It’s all opinions after all
Personas aren’t real
Let’s just relax and chill a bit
And love for orgers feel

But wait! For last few days I’ve been
Observing thread of woe
About the depths the human race
At worst are prone to go
However, there’s a catch about
Campaigning on the net
If you cry wolf, the wrong kind of
Attention’s what you’ll get

And then there is our music chums
All angry and annoyed
When they should be, as arty-types
All happy, overjoyed
The ‘scene’ in Caithness now is quite
As good as ever’s been
So shut your gobs and play some tunes
By Aerosmith or Queen

Poor Jox made such a tastless comment
Jumped upon was he
Olympic chap was killed on ice
In sledging tragedy
But though he wasna’ pished he says
He isna very sorry
‘Twas just a wee offhand remark
You dinnae have til worry

And Fred came back, all happy smiles
His rest has done him good
He picked up right where he left off
For cover-ups he stood
And every time an orger says
That Fred is less than right
He claims the clique are ganging up
For orgly right-wing fight

The org’s a place to state your mind
And strenuous debate
Just make your point, you keep it brief
And don’t get in a state
All’s fair in each discussion, there
Are words from dim and wise
Unless of course old Johnny Fatts
You dare to criticise!

There's Changi and there's Northener
Ducati and the Golach
Sometimes with Golden Guernsey in
The chatroom we all frolich
There's Lizz and then there's Airdlass who
Had birthday other day
And plenty other ones who have
Growed up and goned away

I’d name the other orgers who
Post on the general board
There’s some who are quite nice and then
There’s some who get ignored
There’s some that try to stir it up
The awkward flaming sods
And those who serve to sort it out
Thank you to all the mods

And then my pals on Literature
I’ve not been there a lot
My rhymes have been for mainstream stuff
Amusing? Maybe not
Some folk take gype and some are pleased
When words are stuck in verse
Look on the bright side, it could be
An awful lot much worse

Hey-ho, let’s go, 1000 posts
I’ve got a rep quite nice
And only got infracted for
Some nasty stuff just twice
Here’s to my pals on org and here’s
To orger rhyme and scribble
It’s been an honour and a joy
To stick on Org my dribble

15-Feb-10, 20:59
let me be the first to congratulate you!

15-Feb-10, 21:00
Congrats Tubs, Bravo Zulu's all round [lol]

15-Feb-10, 21:00
I'm not sure whether to congratulate you or offer you my condolences. Either way it is an achievement.

15-Feb-10, 21:05
Brilliant as usual Tubs, well worth waiting for.

15-Feb-10, 21:20
Good poem again tubs! :D Welcome to the 1K club ;)

15-Feb-10, 21:25
Now we know why you've been so quiet. Great poem and congrats on becoming a 1k orger.:)

15-Feb-10, 21:40
Well done Tubthumper, just wanted to say,
That's a cracker to celebrate reaching your K,
Long may you post and keep making us smile,
While others are arguing, spewing out bile.

Some orgers love fighting and never agree,
But your odes are a joy and a pleasure to see,
To the org's Poet Laureate I wish all the best,
Congratulations to you......and to hell with the rest;)

15-Feb-10, 21:42
Congratulations. :)

15-Feb-10, 22:16
Fantastic tubs! ive been waiting with baited breath for the 1000th post & it was well worth it:D

15-Feb-10, 22:20
Ah Tubs,you never fail to make me smile with your dittys,the 1000th post was worth the wait!x

15-Feb-10, 22:26
Milton would have been proud of you.:Razz

15-Feb-10, 23:16
A very witty ditty, congratulations.

16-Feb-10, 16:51
Congratulations. I think it will take me a wee while longer to reach this particular goal :lol:

16-Feb-10, 17:19
Absolutely brilliant, Tubthumper, and congratulations on becoming a 1K.Orger!!!!!! :D

Cedric Farthsbottom III
16-Feb-10, 19:11
On yersel TT.:)Keep on postin amigo.:)

16-Feb-10, 19:14
Does this mean you have Poetic Licence, Well Done. :D

16-Feb-10, 20:55
And?? .

16-Feb-10, 23:49
Good stuff! although you did think I was a female yon time.

16-Feb-10, 23:52
And?? .

and TT wanting to share their milestone, why is that sad?