View Full Version : Cat Lost Wick / Tannach area

12-Feb-10, 23:44
Norman the cat has been missing for the last 2 and a half weeks or so.
He is silver grey in colour, and has a red collar with a bell on it.
Possibly has been seen in Thurso Road area of Wick.
If anybody has seen him or has been feeding him, could you please pm me as we are desperate to find him.

13-Feb-10, 13:02
He looks lovely. Hope you have some luck finding him. Keeps us up till date please :(:(

13-Feb-10, 13:35
Oh I am so sorry that Norman the cat is missing. He is such a beautiful boy.

It is good that he may have been sighted. I take it that you've been in touch with the SSPCA, Cats Protection and Vets surgeries?
Also, putting posters up is a good idea.

I really hope you find him safe and well soon.

13-Feb-10, 15:00
Norman looks a real beauty, & what lovely colouring too.

I hope you find him soon.