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Bill Fernie
09-May-06, 08:24
The pogramme is now online for Highland Wildlife Encounters

See it here http://www.highlandwildencounters.com/2006events.html

Plenty of chances to be out and about for bird watchers and maybe get some photographs. If you are a beginner you get the experts along with you to answer questions and confrim identifications.

14-May-06, 22:30
I would really advise anyone with an interest in wildlife to have a look at the walks.

I have been on walks every year and found them fascinating. The rangers are excellent and they are for all levels of interest.

A good number of the events are worth it for the walk alone. There is some beautiful scenery to see and you couldnt be in better hands.

Only thing you cant depend on is the weather.

23-May-06, 17:25
Well as you may have seen on the front page, one of the first Wildlife encounter walks certainly lived up to its name.

We were half way over the Pentland Firth, when the alarm was shouted. Orca heading towards us. I couldnt believe it, after trying for years without success to see them.

It was a pod estimated at 12 in size, and then at least another 4 were seen 5-10 mins later.
The male was huge, I have never seen such an amazing site in my life. To see them surfacing out of the water side by side was unbelievable. I think this was the highlight of the trip for a good majority.

The rest of the trip was wonderfull as well. We saw lots of Great Skuas(Bonxies), pale phase Arctic Skuas, dark phase Arctic Skuas, Arctic Terns, Fulmars, Puffins, Guillemots, Razorbills, Black Guillemots, Gannets, Stonechats, Chafinch, Red Throated Divers, Swallows and the common gull species. I didnt see an Arctic Hare myself, but I do believe one was spotted.

We also saw a variety of Insects and plants. The walk was very beautiful to the Old Man of Hoy, and a great day was had by all.

Can I just thank Mary, Marina, the Highland Coucil Ranger service and all the Staff of the Pentland Venture for a truely memorable day.

29-May-06, 10:00
Anyone else going on the cruise on Wednesday evening from Wick harbour? I'm so looking forward to it. Should see loads of birds.
Hope the weather improves or I'll need to rake out the thermal drawers!