View Full Version : What can I make with this material?

10-Feb-10, 17:07
I have beautiful material which I got from my sister-in-law.

It's actually original "Amish" material from America, which is so lovely and soft - its quite difficult to describe it correctly but is almost of a very rich soft pile velvety feel :confused

I have no idea what to make with it apart from the usual cushion covers or throws, of which, between myself and my mother-in-law I have more than plenty of !

The colours are just so rich (deep greens and reds and very pale beige, with different "house" designs on some parts) that I would really love to make something a wee bit different and unusual. I also sew by hand, as I don't have a sewing machine.

Any ideas would be welcome ??

21-Feb-10, 18:13
sounds like it might make a lovely bolero top or something like that :D

21-Feb-10, 18:35
Thank you for that idea, I must see now if I can find a pattern for that - sounds really nice and (hopefully) would look unusual! :)

22-Feb-10, 12:56
How big a piece is it?
Would it make unusual curtains if you lined it?
That way you could see it everyday:lol:

23-Feb-10, 09:15
A nice evening bag to go with the bolero would be great too!x

23-Feb-10, 10:02
Thanks Dadie and Thumper.
No the material is way too small for curtains Dadie, tho that would have been lovely if I had plenty !
Not sure, Thumper, if my sewing skills would be up to making a bag, lol !

15-Mar-10, 20:07
a quilt would be lovley if you have enough material

15-Mar-10, 20:27
Dont cut it ! If it's genuine Amish, then treasure it. Use it as a hanging, provided you keep it out of the sun.
Put it over the back of a chair so that you can admire it from time to time. Of course I dont know what size you are talking about. I imagine it's hand woven and likely natural material?
But I say again - please dont cut it ! I have ruined so much beautiful fabric over the years.

Enjoy it,

16-Mar-10, 17:00
Thanks Brandy and Trinkie.

No I don't have enough for a quilt Brandy and I don't have the patience either LOL !!:lol:

I'll remember that advice Trinkie, thank you.

I'm fairly sure its Amish as my sister-in-law originally got it sent over, by an aunt, who lived in America and who was very interested in the Amish way of life. The material is actually still in the original carrier bag which advertises an Amish gift shop, so I'm assuming its the "real" thing. :)