View Full Version : Can any one tell me?

08-May-06, 21:59
I have searched my bird books but just cannot find this bird. It was rock pooling at low tide Dunnet Bay west end, below the car park. Similiar to a snipe but maybe with a slightly shorter beak and the most amazing pale green legs.
Sorry don't have a pic as it was too far away and unfortunately my binoculars do not have a built in cam.

08-May-06, 22:56
Dont you hate that when you see something memorise all the details then look in the book and you can't find a match.
Green shank comes to mind but you probably know them, so i think i'll pass on this question.

09-May-06, 18:26
That was what I thought it might be but the description in both my bird books say olive green legs and this bird had a delicate soft green almost like the feathers on the head of a male eider.
The sun had been shining for a couple of days, so maybe the shock had bleached them a little!

14-May-06, 22:26
You will find a nice photo of a Greenshank here.


Sometimes books can be misleading with the colours. I havent had a good view of a Greenshank only a distant one so I cant comment on their leg colouring.