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07-Feb-10, 00:02
We got home this afternoon from a week stay in caithness. My cat was sitting at the window and spotted us as soon as we pulled up. My partner went up first with the first lot of bags and the cat jumped of from the window and immediately ran to him to say hello. When i came in with the rest of the bags she immediately told me with her meow to drop the bags and give her a cuddle :lol:

She was being looked after by our neighbour and friend who has been making sure she isn't lonely and has made sure she is fed and watered and played with while we were away. Caramel much enjoyed my neighbour's attention but was overjoyed to have us home. She's gone between us both meowing at us for a cuddle and a seat on our laps turn about. With me she won't just put herself on my lap like she does for my partner, she has to ask for permission. I think she's just a bit worried as theres baby there too.

My mum has 4 cats and my partner has taken a strong liking for one of her tom cats but we both missed our cat. It was very weird not having her at my feet when we went to bed. I feel at home wherever we are with Caramel sleeping at my feet or in between us. Home to me is when at night i am next to my partner and have my cat at my feet.

07-Feb-10, 00:25
Isn't it lovely to be welcomed home by a much loved pet.:D

Carmel is so lucky to be appreciated so much.

10-Feb-10, 03:26
No other proof needed, definitely a case of unabated, unconditional love. :)

10-Feb-10, 21:01
No other proof needed, definitely a case of unabated, unconditional love. :)

Defintly Stavro. She takes a long time to feel comfortable enough with someone other than me. With my partner is has been up to about 5/6 months ago that she'll go to him affectionatly and thats after knowing him since i've had her as a kitten. She's now almost 3.

On monday i was feeling very poorly and struggled through my short shift at work. Ended up curling up on top of the bed for a snoose as soon as i got home from work. Caramel snuggled into me beside my stomach and lay there with me as soon as i lay down and she did not move til i woke up roughly 2 hours later and got up. Appartently she turned to look at me every so often checking i was still there.

10-Feb-10, 21:04
Our pets seem to know when we need that extra bit of love and attention.

As Stavro says their love is completely unconditional and is all the more special for it.:D