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07-May-06, 15:21
After seeing thread about Puffins remined me that I had not checked a known small breeding site.
It looked as if 3 pair were setting up home.
Last year i saw a max of 10 pair at this site.
I have been seeing Puffins on the water from early April but this is the first i've seen on land.


The greenfinch I spotted on my to see the Puffins and could not resist the pic
I have adjusted the contrast a little to bring out the colours.


07-May-06, 16:34
Nice pictures there.

catherine nicol
07-May-06, 19:12
Excellent pictures.

The puffins are so comical looking they just make you want to smile when you see one.

Good colour in the greenfinch. I can see I need to come to you for camera/software manipulation tuition.

07-May-06, 20:10
I was infected this morning by the enthusaism I was reading on this threads so I decided to have a wheech around to see what was doing. I havnt set out to do some birdwatching in yonks, years actually.
First, it was down to the beach where last week I had A male Great Northern Diver and about 20 of my favourite ducks, long tailed. That same week I clocked some Goosander on Thurso river. It was quiet today. Just some Swallows fluttering around me and 1 redshank and some kinda pipit :lol:
Out then to Broubster. Greylag geese, Common Sandpiper, grey wagtail, Mute Swans, Mallard and Tufted duck, Lapwing, Curlew, Wheatear, Skylark and more pipits. I was surprised not to see any Buzzards or Hen harriers.
Over then to Dunnet head hoping to see some Red Throated Divers on the way but not today. Nature on the edge is how I see Dunnet Head. Its amazing how these birds can rear young under such severe conditions. Razorbill, Guillimot, Puffins, Kittiwake, Black Guilimot, some kinda terns (common or Artic) and Gannets fishing in Dunner bay. Oh, and an old bald coot at Dunnet Head. (Gleberus Musicalus)
As well as the usual birds, most of the crow family, Pigeons and doves, House Martins, Blackbird, Starling and Sparrow it was a good day to be lost in nature in Caithness.

07-May-06, 21:53
Sounds like you had a good day gleeber!

08-May-06, 01:21
Gleeber I'm gonna SWAT you if you keep telling me about all the birds you've seen!
Here I can only report goldfinches, blue tits,jays, magpies,collared doves,house sparows,blackbirds,thrushes.crows.greenfinches,wre ns,kestrels and of course seagulls!
Loved the pics of the sea parrots and am sulking as i will not be up to Caithness this time o' year to see 'em.

08-May-06, 03:36
Seabird, thank you for the puffin pic.

Gleeber, I was worn out just reading the summary of your outing.

08-May-06, 09:22
Gleeber, I hope you got a picture of "Gleberus Musicalus" as I understand they are very unique! Ann

08-May-06, 18:24
Gleeber, I hope you got a picture of "Gleberus Musicalus" as I understand they are very unique! Ann

(Gleber theatrical entertainment) And i was looking at all the latin names for birds. Hmm interesting.