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catherine nicol
07-May-06, 08:40
Yesterday I browsed the web for some new optical equipment (stockists and price comparisons) and whilst I have bought items from larger web based companies without complaint before, I decided to take some time out to phone a smaller outlet to get their advice and best package price on some new kit.

The outlet was also advertised in the monthly 'Birdwatching' magazine that I subscribe to. This gave me confidence that they would be a reputable organisation.

My enquiry was passed to a really helpful gent called Justin. Totally recommend both this outlet and Justin.

After explaining where we live and the raw deal that we get on prices and p&P he empathised as their outlet finds it difficult to compete with the larger web based organisations. We had a good chat about various aspects of the kit I was looking for and we discussed their pricing versus web pricing.

With all my queries answered and prices confimed, I happily offered to purchase my kit from them despite them being the wee-ist fraction more expensive overall. I considered the service, advice, personnal contact, and most of all confidence that I could call back at anytime for advice, well worth this small extra cost. It is a small price to pay these days for the ability to be considered an individual instead of a 'somebody' ordering online with a company who only wants to sell goods and not be contactable for after sales service.

If you have any photographic or optical requirements give them a ring (and if you get Justin tell him where you come from and if you wish that I recommended you).

Bass & Bligh, 6 Beulah Street, Harrogate, HG1 1QQ
Tel No - 01423 538138 Fax - 01423 705667
Email - Bassandbligh@fsmail.net
Website - www.bassandbligh.co.uk

Caithness could end up being a good number for them and them a good number for us.........especially considering the service and advice I was given yesterday.


They send items via parcel force so no need to take time off work to sit at home and wait for a courier to turn up (or not as I have often experienced, much to my frustration) so another added bonus for me.

catherine nicol
20-May-06, 07:59
My kit arrived last weekend and I have only had time to take it out on one outing (to St Johns Pool) so far, hopefully that will change today though.

Excellent service and great kit. Now to try and get the settings on my digital SLR to compliment what I see through my new scope!!! That could be a challenge, eh Mr Ross !