View Full Version : Magnolias

06-May-06, 22:47
I had to go sooth to get a magnolia as they don't stock them up here. Has anyone had any success with them? I know the wind kills them off but my garden is fairly sheltered so I am giving it a go.:)

18-May-06, 13:29
I've just bought one from a plant catalogue. It looks healthy enough and is reasonably sheltered so I'll let you know how it goes on.:)

06-Apr-07, 14:55
All my magnolia plants have survived the winter and now have leaf buds on them. :Razz How did yours get on, beetlecrusher?

07-Apr-07, 01:10
All the ones down here got burnt in the frost a couple of weeks ago and now they all look brown and sad.

12-Apr-09, 17:16
I've just unwrapped the magnolia from their winter coats and I've found a flower just budded and lots of closed buds all over them.:D