View Full Version : Smew and Pintail (and Minke cetacean)

catherine nicol
06-May-06, 22:10
I had another good days birding today. Out the house by 5.00am.........madness I know considering the fog but well worth it.

I saw my first Pintail Duck at St Johns Pool and I saw 2 terns plunging into the water, 6.5am and 7.10am.

Carried on to Dunnet Head in search of puffin but got a great cetacean of a minke just off the rocks to the left of the lighthouse........very clear view, waiting around for half an hour but didn't see it again.

Got an email from Julian to say Smew on the loch tonight so myself and a friend popped out to see the male and female.........again madness.

Not a bad start and end to my birding day though.........two new birds for the ticklist.........well chuffed.

And a cetacean too, not all bad.

Good old Caithness.

Rin x