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01-Feb-10, 21:55
This is one of my recent babies, it is a wooly chinchilla not showable but gorgeous a throwback to when angora was added into chinchilla to soften the coat.
So much hard work though, all this coat at only 11 weeks ouch, we have already had a few trims.


01-Feb-10, 22:02
Oh soo cute, but yep lots of work with that coat!

01-Feb-10, 22:22
Awwww adorable!

Could you save the wool and have it spun?

01-Feb-10, 22:33
I imagine you could it is very soft and even handling seems to cause tangles, I am hoping it improves when away from mum and litter mates, I am also debating clipping it back until it comes into adult coat.

01-Feb-10, 23:10
Awwww adorable!

Could you save the wool and have it spun?

Just what I was thinking as it would make lovely yarn to work with......Think you will need to consider investing in a spinning wheel so that all that lovely fluff doesn't go to waste...............;)

01-Feb-10, 23:18
I have 2 in the same litter lol, I don't see me spinning but if I do start to clip them for ease of handling then let me know if you want the wool :lol:

01-Feb-10, 23:27
A couple more



01-Feb-10, 23:55
What a beauty but don't fancy looking after that coat!:lol:

02-Feb-10, 09:59
Some lovely fluffables you have there. Nice pics, but sooooo much better in the flesh. Good luck with the grooming. :D

02-Feb-10, 13:23
Ooooh! I want one-lovely rabbit-just like me ;) :lol: x

02-Feb-10, 13:54
I want a cuddle,so cute Unicorn.:D

I'd have some bunnies over here but it wouldnt be fair on them as our wee collie would just kill them given half a chance.:(

05-Feb-10, 04:27
Wow, gorgeous!!!

Are you a rabbit breeder? I have been looking for breeders in the Highlands as I cannot drive, but can travel on trains!

05-Feb-10, 04:52
Wow, gorgeous!!!

Are you a rabbit breeder? I have been looking for breeders in the Highlands as I cannot drive, but can travel on trains!

Wot? From KLB? :confused

05-Feb-10, 14:01
Yes I am a breeder of exhibition rabbits, there are a few of us around up here but I generally do not sell on stock as I work with other British rabbit council breeders but if there is anything specific you are looking for I could possibly track it down.

06-Feb-10, 00:31
No, I can get to Lairg on the bus, and either north or south on the train!

Well I am looking for a pair of rabbits for a very loving pet home. I want to get from a baby rather than a pet shop as they are quite often unhealthy. I havve a 6ft double hutch and they would also have free run of the shed. I tried to get on the Caithness fanciers website, but had no luck. I am open to breeds, but so far I have looked at English Spots, Himalayan, Dutch, Netherland Dwarfs, Mini Lops amongst others. Do you know of any other breeders? Oh Lionheads too.

I currently have a Silver Fox who will be turning 8 this year.

06-Feb-10, 14:07
There are not many English around and they grow quite large, I do know a breeder, nethies few and far between up here and can be quite bitey, dutch not many about up here again can be quite agressive. I have some himalayans I was thinking of mating up but with them they are fabulous pets but need kept by the breeder until about 5 months so we can see the best colour on them for showing also hims dont do well in the cold they start to stain in coat colour the white will go brownish. We have a lionhead breeder but again not sure when she will be breeding and we have a lop breeder but not sure what her breeding plans are,
You are more likely to get a slightly older rabbit from a breeder as opposed to a young baby as we need to run them on to see how they are turning out unless they have a very obvious fault in coat colour etc.

06-Feb-10, 21:24
I have friends with English Spots, they got them from Wales! I am not able to travel that far, and they are not a breeding pair. Could I maybe have the contact details fo the breeder you know? Lionhead/Lop breeder information would be great too.

Sadly it seems getting from a rescue isn't an option as I haven't found any willing to do a homecheck, plus, I was really wanting youngsters.

06-Feb-10, 22:27
pm'd you about it

12-Feb-10, 16:16
And here is her brother