View Full Version : Sherlock Holmes

31-Jan-10, 03:35
Superb film, Robert Downy Jr as holmes is just amazing I cant write anything else as it would spoil the film. Its a must watch 9/10

31-Jan-10, 20:04
It was a good film to watch the only downside with it the film was it went on to long for the story if it was half an hour shorter the film would be spot on

17-Feb-10, 16:41
Very good film but it did drag on a bit to long

06-Mar-10, 16:17
Turned it off after 20 minutes. Utter drivel. I'm usually a fan of Robert Downey Jr, but he was shocking in this. I'm yet to see any film with Jude Law in that is actually any good (I'll give him Gattaca actually). I would only rate this as 0.5 out of 10. I can't say anything good about it at all. It was just stupid.

24-Mar-10, 15:48
I enjoyed this movie, did not know what to expect, totally different to what I expected, maybe only paying 3.00 and getting free coffee/tea and biccies, (Seniors day) made it all the more entertaining [lol]

24-Mar-10, 16:39
As a non film hand, I saw most of this film, and tho was tapping on internet throughout the showing I really thought it looked good, a balance of dark and light!