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Steve and Shaz
29-Feb-04, 19:09
Hi Y'all

We are getting very close to our permanent move north now. Down here in kent we listen to Arrow classic rock on the radio (fantastic Dutch station - 675 on medium wave), but when we've been up haven't been able to recieve it once we've got past carlisle..
does anyone know of any good classic rock station up there ??

Thanks for any help

Steve & Shaz

01-Mar-04, 11:05
hehe, rock stations up ere...

we have caithness fm and furry mouth radio, plus national stations.

Best bet is to get yer radio online like the rest of us :)

Steve and Shaz
01-Mar-04, 11:37
WANTED Laptop with satellite connection for use as posh portable radio!!!! :D

01-Mar-04, 17:52
You should get something approaching FM quality on a standard dialup connex. Most of the streams are under 4k per sec.

Steve and Shaz
01-Mar-04, 19:11
Thanks Niall, be nice though if we could get the last 5 sign ups for the Lybster area to obtain broadband then dial-ups won't matter :Razz

02-Mar-04, 10:55
very true, c'mon lybster, 5 people!!!!

oot an knock on a few doors afore e can-keekers leave ye behind!!!! :lol:

02-Mar-04, 11:37
On a related note - is there any DRB (Digital Radio) reception up there yet?
(I think Arrow may be available via DRB, will have a look when I gets home)

I took my set up last summer but it couldn't get a lock on anything - anyone have any ideas?


Steve and Shaz
02-Mar-04, 11:55
now there's an interesting option, I know for sure they aren't on the web (yet), and if they are on digital we'll certainly invest in a new radio (old rockers never die as the saying goes)

Steve and Shaz
02-Mar-04, 12:04
NEWS - they are on line. if anyone's interested
www.arrow.nl - then click on arrow rock radio, then on right hand side click on luister online ( as I type dire straits are on)

06-Apr-04, 19:02
hey, i didn't think we were that bad!
my hubby and i do the friday night rock show on cfm, generally we aim for the more classic sound rather than thrash or death or whatever else they call that noise nowadays.

Steve and Shaz
06-Apr-04, 19:11
we'll be sure to listen when we finally move - or are you on line too ?

3 weeks and counting - signed the contract to flog this place today :lol: :lol:

06-Apr-04, 19:15
no cfm isn't online unfortunately. mind you i am daft enough with just a county to laugh at me, god knows what i would be like if i knew i was available on the web! :roll:

06-Apr-04, 19:35
for online classic rock and roll, check out www.kfog.com

San Francisco's KFOG, home of quality rock and roll. Sometimes I need a little something to tap my toes by while at work. :cool: No thrash or death on this station.

08-Apr-04, 16:22
Thrash death and punk rule

the rest is mostly old, sad, dead and safe!!!!

best radio was totalrock on satellite channel 885 but its disappeared they were digital too

they played old good stuff and new stuff

nobody else does it that good

stuff the radio just play your own records and you don't get annoying adverts

I am away for a blast of Ministry

Steve and Shaz
08-Apr-04, 17:22
you may like to have a listen at some samples on a dutch friends web site


dutch durge at it's best ???

18-Apr-04, 21:38
for online classic rock and roll, check out www.kfog.com

San Francisco's KFOG, home of quality rock and roll.

htwood, so right, good music all the time :o)