View Full Version : Sprocker - Deer Dogs?

23-Jan-10, 17:06
am considering getting a dog to work with me when out controlling deer in woodlands and open hill. Wondered what the local experience is. I like the look of Sprockers and wondered if anyone has any experince of them.

23-Jan-10, 22:12
Hi Crichton

Sorry, I can't help you with your decision making (only ever had running dogs and one gundog), but I'm intrigued as to why you are considering an ESS/Cocker cross?

Why not a straight ESS?

Not looking for an argument, just inquisitive.

23-Jan-10, 22:30
wouldnt one of the continental hunt point retrieve breeds be more suited to the job? ie a german shorthaired or wirehaired pointer?

23-Jan-10, 22:56
Or how about a Scottish deerhound, they look lovely dogs.

23-Jan-10, 23:18
I have a sprocker.Result of an accidental mating at a shoot. she can track deer but then so could my friend a keepers german shepherd. however keeping in mind a sprocker can go to the dam or the sires side and you dont know how it will turn out until grown why not go for a working cocker or springer. then you will know how it will turn out and if its from working parents it will have a better chance of being a good tracker.
pointers..they can track deer..
FWIW, my sister has deerhounds.. they are sighthounds they dont track and you arent allowed by law now to use them to take down deer.

23-Jan-10, 23:33
HPR breeds are used in there homeland to blood trail wounded game like deer and boar, they also have the added function of being able to point scent to alert you of game..........

a german pointer