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02-May-06, 22:28
Can any one confirm that I was not seeing things out by Westerdale when I saw 1 of the above sitting on a fence post.Unfortunately we were in the car at the time and the bird took off before we could make a positive indentification.Too big to be a kestrel and wrong type of flight, tail markings were not the usual bars associated with a sparrow hawk.

Mother Bear
02-May-06, 22:42
Hi , There is nearly always a bird of prey sitting on a fence inthe Westerdale area!...we seem to think it is more likely to be a buzzard.

02-May-06, 22:44
Whilst I canna confirm what you may or may not have seen Lizz I can confirm I have seen female hen harriers over in that direction. The female is very distinctive in flight with a white ring around their tails. Female harriers have brown plumage compared to the male whose plumage is very light grey with dark wing tips. First time I saw a male hen harrier I thought I had spotted a rare seagull.

02-May-06, 22:55
As gleeber said its not possible to say what you saw, but it is very possible you did see a Hen Harrier. I have seen both male and female at various places round the county.

Go to http://www.rspb-images.com/ and put Hen harrier into the search. You will get some nice photos.

A good site for all bird photos.

I hope you see it again.

03-May-06, 00:45
Thanks for the responses.. was definetly not a buzzard can recognise then from 200 yards and they are quite common around the county.Keep me posted

19-May-06, 23:55
I saw a beautiful male Hen Harrier tonight, down the causeway mire area. It was stunning.

02-Jun-06, 00:23
Watched "Spring Watch" tonight and the poliiceman who acts as a wild life protection officer confirmed what I had seem. Just for once me and hubby are quite agreed..it was a male hen harrier,
Yippee we are delighted to have seen such a rare raptor in god's own county now will be scannning the sky for the "Wind Lords" the eagles next time we are up.

Mother Bear
03-Jun-06, 21:22
Yes , Lizz, that was a very intereting piece of film about the hen harriers......now you can confirm your sighting at Westerdale.
Yes gleeber...my partner thought he had seen a rare seagull too, out at Scotscalder, but now we know that it was a male hen harrier. I have yet to see one!

29-Aug-06, 13:18
Saw one of these beautiful birds in Bower area this morning, have seen both male and female in area before, not sure on size of area they cover.