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21-Jan-10, 19:51
Ok af most of you will know I had a visit from a "cat burglar" which cost me a lot of money as he/she broke so much stuff,now the problem I have is how do I allow my cat to come and go as he pleases without this other one getting in?It was back tonight eating my stew!!!!Now my cat loses collars at the rate of 2-3 a month so a catflap with magnetic collar is out the window,I leave the laundryrom window open at the moment for him but thats where this other cat is getting in so any ideas would be more than welcome as its driving me nuts!Oh and cat burglar is quite fiesty and went for me today!:(x

21-Jan-10, 20:00
Unfortunately, if your own cat can get in out easily then so will the flipping cat burglar!:confused

So afraid the only way to stop this will be to stop your own cat coming and going as he pleases which is a shame I know.
Would it be possible to have some kind of cat shelter in your garden so that your own cat can go in this if he doesn't come home before you go out?

I wonder whether the cat burglar has been neutered? If not, it might calm him down a bit if he was!

21-Jan-10, 20:16
or just capture the stray cat and have him picked up by who ever deals with stray and feral cats.

22-Jan-10, 09:11
Thanks guys,looks like its windows closed and my cat will have to learn to come cry at it to be let in,Brandy-its not a stray or feral cat it belongs to someone in my street x

22-Jan-10, 09:16
ouch... have you spoken to the owners and told them about their cat coming into your house and destroying everything? wow.. i know its a cat but still its the owners responsibility.

22-Jan-10, 12:24
I didnt really want to speak to them as they have not long moved into the street plus cats have the "right to wander" so i guess there isnt much I can do about it,funnily enough my Mum lives in the next street and her neighbour got her kitchen wrecked by the same cat!:eek: so I guess all windows and doors wil be kept closed from now on x

22-Jan-10, 13:41
That black cat needs an ASBO slapped on it....call the cat police.!!!;)

22-Jan-10, 15:12
*laughs* well thats some wandering! if the cat in question is coming into peoples homes and destroying things thats not wandering thats destruction of private property. im a country girl at heart.. and i could just see my grannies reaction.. shoot the thing*winks* no not saying to do that.. but at the end of the day.. new neighbours or not.. would still speak to them. however... i do suggest a big jug of water.. and next time you see the beast.. drench it really good.. a few times of getting soaked and it wont come back

22-Jan-10, 23:36
You can get cap flaps that detect your cats chip and will only open/close for them. There a bit expensive but well worth it if your never bothered again. No need for the collar either. :D

23-Jan-10, 00:16
Oh magnetic cat flaps are great until your cat "invites" mates round for a peeing competition and so kindly sit near enough to let their wee pals in! On getting in they cannot get out again unless the moggy whos house it is sits close enough to the flap...I know someone who had this happen and now they have a manual locking flap and open on sight of cat on window ledge!

23-Jan-10, 01:16
i just tend to let my cat in and out as she pleases.. she will come get you and go to the door when she wants out.. and then sit at the door or window sill when she wants in.. but now that shes hitting 10, she wants to stay in a lot more..

23-Jan-10, 01:32
You can get cap flaps that detect your cats chip and will only open/close for them. There a bit expensive but well worth it if your never bothered again. No need for the collar either. :D

I was going to suggest this too, they work a treat :)

29-Jan-10, 12:58
cant you put a cat flap on your shed? my mums done this and her cat has a warm bed in there so if he cant get in when shes out or suchlike he has a bed to go to.

29-Jan-10, 13:23
A length of 4x2 would sort it for you. ;)

29-Jan-10, 15:01
when I lived in town a big ginger tom used to come in if a window or door was left open making a pest of himself (putting it politely)..... he never visited my house again after finding himself waking up suddenly in a bath of cold water:lol:

29-Jan-10, 16:51
There's a very good and cheap selective cat repellant available

buy a few of these and throw one at the cat when you see it. it will work, i promise you.


30-Jan-10, 12:51
LMAO Northener,I dont think i would do that,I am an animal lover after all! I havent seen the cat since he got squirted with water so hopefully he got the message :) x

30-Jan-10, 21:01
We also had the same the problem with neighbours cats coming in to scoff our cats food, pee and even fight each other! We got one of the flaps that work with the microchip in our cat. I think we paid about 60/70 for it - but is worth every penny, haven't had any problems since.