View Full Version : Reflective Exersize Sheets

19-Jan-10, 23:26
I am looking at getting a new reflective sheet, as the one I have is a few
years old now.

We currently have a wrap round one which is great for keeping me warm and dry, however I am finding it is always blowing up it is fitted with a fillet string my girl is quiet (luckily)

The rug is not lined so pretty light weight..

I have been looking at the Mark Todd wrap round sheet, as it is lined so was thinking this may be better.

Or would a ride on sheet suit the windy climate better :)

20-Jan-10, 19:21
I've a wrap around reflective one and have never had any problems with it when i rode out it's linned and kept my pony really warm, for me i would just wear waterrproof trousers to stay warm and dry !
There's a rider tried and tested on Exercise sheets in HORSE magazine decembers which rates the Equafleece excercise sheet the best of the test !
Weatherbeeta was 2nd best there was no mark todd thou !
I've a copy if you want a read ?