View Full Version : Chaffinches and all that.

18-Jan-10, 21:54
Descided that as the back roads are now relatively clear and the sun was out to take a detour on the way back from Thurso,glad we did.
Southern end of Loch Calder, 6 Whooper Swans,just along the road the biggest buzzard we've ever seen, coming through Shurrery to the path that goes down to Broubster Mains, the road,fences and adjacent fields were covered with huge flock of Chaffinches,there must have been in excess of 200.Suddenly they all flocked together and took to the air en mass,wondering what had caused the sudden flight,panned the binoculars and spotted a male Hen Harrier quartering the area.There was another small group of Hooper Swans, counted 3 on the water and looked like another 2 on the bank and yet another buzzard.As we approached the Westfield road junction, 2 Red Deer females scampered into the forrest and we had also spotted a Roe Deer a bit further back along.
Having turned west,again yet another buzzard sitting in a tree beside the road, stopped to take some photos of one of the old churches and was greeted by the CHACK of a pair of Jackdaws.
Not a goose in sight although there have been huge flocks both overhead and on the coastal margins along by Dounreay this week.
Did keep a keen eye out for Snow Buntings but so far no luck despite being given a couple of tips.