View Full Version : Shelduck on top of Stack at Brough Harbour

catherine nicol
01-May-06, 17:38
I was quite bemused on Saturday morning.

I was on an all day birdwatching expedition and whilst scanning the stack at Brough Harbour on the very off chance I might have seen a puffin (wishful thinking in Brough I know) when I spotted a Shelduck perched way on top of the largest of the two stacks out in the sea.

It was simply standing there surveying all around and was still in situ when I left some hour or so later.

Do Shelducks nest this high? Or was he maybe blown there ! Is this a normal place for Shelducks to sit and take stock?

I have a picture, albeit very distant spec, so I can't be accused of seeing things.

Any advice, thoughts or comments on this sighting?


Rin x

01-May-06, 22:14
The shelduck breeds among dense vegetation in holes, often old rabbit burrows, gaps under old buildings or occasionally off the ground in a tree near to coastal sandbars and mudflats.
Taken from the RSPB web site.
Just so you know, i did'nt have a clue

catherine nicol
06-May-06, 21:57
The Shelduck was on top of the same stack again today.

Must be roosting there. Will be looking every time I go to Dunnet now.

14-May-06, 22:31
I saw it there as well about 6 weeks back. I thought I had found something really unusaul at first until I put my binoculars on it.

Its quite funny seeing it there, its like the king of the castle.