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30-Apr-06, 20:52
Can someone advise me on the best time and place to see puffins? Thanks!

30-Apr-06, 21:29
Puffins will just be starting to arrive on the seacliffs in Caithness.

The Rangers are doing 2 great walks for Puffins at the end of May.

Monday 22nd May
Clowns of the Ocean. “A”
A short walk to view a fascinating puffin colony. Please bring binoculars if you have them.
Meet Dunbeath area. Time 20.00-21.00

Booking essential
HC East Caithness Ranger 01955 607758 or 07746574409

Thursday 25th May
Puffins and more. “B”
An evening walk to see this busy puffinry through some spectacular scenery. See what else we can track on the way.

Meet Layby at the Caithness and Sutherland border. (Grid Ref NC921 645) Time 19.00-21.00
HC North Caithness Ranger 01847 821531

30-Apr-06, 21:43
I got these shots at The County Boundary last year. If you look closely at the stack you can see all the Puffin Burrows.

This is where the above walk on the 25th of May takes place. Its a great place.

01-May-06, 14:48
dunnet head is good for them, or it certainly was a few years ago.
think duncansbay head is too.

catherine nicol
01-May-06, 17:21
There have been 3 puffins sighted at Dunnet Head on the 27th April.

Think that this is the first reported sighting at Dunnet.

Duncansby Head is definately a must to see many different nesting seabirds including Puffin.

You should go on the Ranger walks. I went on both and saw Puffins on both of these outings.

Good luck, enjoy.

01-May-06, 22:18
Can confirm there is a breeding colony between Duncansby Head and the stacks...spent a whiley there last year with the binoculars.

07-May-06, 19:52
I have just seen Puffins outside the Harbour at Scrabster. Hopefully these will nest at Holborn Head this year.

They must be our most comical bird.