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22-Feb-04, 14:54
What do people think of The Darkness?

22-Feb-04, 18:01
Excellent! there very cool.... However they do seem to be a bit of a Queen revival band... hmmmm Latex Cat suits and scary high vocals... Sound familiar? ;)

22-Feb-04, 19:03
Can't stand them.

Mr P Cannop
22-Feb-04, 20:24

24-Feb-04, 00:36
Pure and utter crap !!!!! :eek:

24-Feb-04, 09:37
I thought they were crap at first but they seem to be growing on me - like lichen [lol]

04-Mar-04, 19:46
I think a lot of their intros are AC/DC rip offs.
Their music does grow on you but anything that can get kids into hard rock/heavy metal is all right by me!!!!!!!!!!
Its only a small step to Iron Maiden :evil

10-Apr-04, 17:50
best track of theirs i have heard is called 'bareback'.
there are no vocals and very much influenced by ac/dc
vocally that guy is strange and scary :eek:

Sushi XD
12-Apr-04, 17:48
I used to like them - and sure they're doing a lot for Brit rock - but they're a bit... tedious (?) now :(

Better than the alternatives though... look at all the pop mush we got clogging up the charts ATM.

16-Jun-04, 09:56
I never used to like them I suppose there not to bad! But Im gonna see them Live in August as they are headlining at Reading festival so that should be good!
But not my type of music Im into Ska and Punk! :D

26-Jun-04, 13:30
I like 'em. They seem to use AC/DC style riffs with Queen imagery and a novel vocal style. Combined, they are onto something safe and fun.

They will be around a little longer than most people think, they're second album is apparently being produced by Mr Mutt Lange who is married to Shania Twain, and Mr Lange has already produced some great bands including AC/DC, Def Leppard and helped raise the profile of a bloke called Bryan Adams. Things are looking interesting...

23-Aug-04, 23:38
:D The Darkness?

Saw them before they got too well known at Ipswich in Suffolk, they were supporting Def Leppard, and i have to say when they came on, I laughed, and so did mosdt of the crowd. They seemed camp, effeminate and a little bit too cliched for their own good, especially the 'village people' bass player. We made a line of about 20 and did the YMCA dance from the 3rd row back to show our amusement!

That said, when def leppard came on, and were awful, we left for a nearby pub, only to find the Darkness also taking on water! They seemed nice fella's and totally got the joke as concerns how they look, good sense of hunour all round as far as \i could tell.
In any case the album and awards this year kind opf put it all in perspective, they have sold plenty of albums, and show anotherr facet of our musical culture to the world. Play on!

25-Aug-04, 12:53
A total nightmare one of the worst rock bands ever even worse than those Cockney bores Thunder and Geordie muppets the Quireboys

How they (The Darkness) became popular I will never know

Piles of talented bands from the Uk and US must be sick at the thought off them doing so well

Next album will be a tough one and then good night Vienna

Big mac and fries please Chustin

31-Aug-04, 16:27
Just got back from Seeing them at Reading Festival they were amazing! A real crowd pleaser so they most be doing something right

19-Nov-04, 22:34
they are a good band ,but they are only going to be as good as there next album,going to be hard to do a better album than permission to land,and as for them playing riffs like ac/dc what better band to try to copy,but when you compare them there is no comparison,if i were to compare them i would say ac/dc are the elvis of rock where the darkness are a poor mans shakin stevens

19-Nov-04, 22:40
The Darkness are low-rent degenerate garbage. Still, at least they devoted their time to that Band-Aid curmudgeon so they must be groovy.

22-Nov-04, 01:00
The Darkness are low-rent degenerate garbage. Still, at least they devoted their time to that Band-Aid curmudgeon so they must be groovy.

Jealousy will get you nowhere Samcant, they might not be musically original, they might not be the most socially serious band out there, but they make me smile, and thats good enough for me.......long may they reign :D

22-Nov-04, 23:07
You must have respect for something to be jealous of it.

Anyone see Body Of Evidence last night?

23-Nov-04, 15:55
Watching old people fall down makes me smile.