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06-Jan-10, 21:22
Live streaming website www.watch-movies-online.tv (http://www.watch-movies-online.tv) allows you to watch online new releases for free you just have to follow the online instructions....
I watched Avatar the other night, well worth the effort.
Apparently they are not breaking the rules as these sites are linked with distributors??

Hope you enjoy.

06-Jan-10, 22:57
The are breaking the rules, you're not paying for it therefore it's the most evil thing EVER! I really want to watch Avatar but its such a good film I dont want to watch a low-ish quality stream, I'll perfectly-legally get the Blu-ray version when it comes out.

06-Jan-10, 23:03
I completely agree but since its an agonising drive to the nearest cinema I settled for the easy option. On a lighter note the film is really worth seeing, I watched it HD but Im sure it will be phenominal IMAX its been released in. I`m a big fan of sci/fantasy but it`ll give all those epic movie buffs something to talkabout. James Cameron excelled himself.

I`m making excuses aren`t I?

06-Jan-10, 23:20
Apparently this was the first ever film to gross over 1 billion dollars

06-Jan-10, 23:28
Its because iof the hype and the world tour to launch the movie, he designed new camera technology which will make 3D glasses defunct. Each scene is filmed from loads of different angles and the amassed to create a 3D image fooling the eye (read it in Empire mag)I could see the difference even watching it on the laptop. It is a good film though all 154 mins of it. I like the lack of big name stars keeps it fresh. If you have a peak at the free online stram use the xts link seems the best quality feed...

If your into is type of movie i`d also recommend the new Star trek movie another one well worth the watch.

07-Jan-10, 01:38
ive seen Star Trek its really good