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04-Jan-10, 14:01
Does anyone know if there is kickboxing classes in thurso anymore??

04-Jan-10, 14:11
I am not sure, i run then down in Dunbeath, along with MMA and conditioning.
I am planning on a class in Wick or Thurso late Jan or early Feb.

Most of the people who come to the Dunbeath class are from Wick.


04-Jan-10, 18:09
would be interested if these started in wick/thurso

04-Jan-10, 20:34
Ill send you a PM when i finalise the details.

04-Jan-10, 21:42
excellent :D

04-Jan-10, 22:39
Does anyone know if there is kickboxing classes in thurso anymore??
My daughter would be interested if it started in Thurso, she used to attend the class at Scrabster

04-Jan-10, 22:45
I should clarify that my class is for adults, and does occasionaly go awol (although i usually give advanced warning) due to work comittments or business in Glasgow that i attend to. I dont know if weeannie trains kids, but would be worth sending her a pm.

We used to have a kids class in Dunbeath, but due to numbers coming and going, and due to me having to occassional go south i felt it was better to stick to the adults class.

There are kids classes for martial arts in Thurso though, Kempo with Ray, Karate, Kook Sool etc. All of them would be excellent alternatives.

04-Jan-10, 23:09
The Thurso kickboxing club is the class in Scrabster hall...Im just not taking it at the mo as I just had a baby. Im afraid I only take over 16's due to insurance purposes but feel free to mail me-Im hoping to start the club up again in about March....once I get the all clear from my physio.

02-Sep-10, 21:47
Hi all......just wanted to appologise to all those who were interested in coming to the kickboxing classes. Due to ongoing problems with my pelvis I have been unable to continue with this class....
Sorry to all those I never replyed to but I was hoping that my fitness would improve enough for me to return to the classes.

02-Sep-10, 22:20
I have a few spaces at my class for those interested.
Details can be found here, www.crazymonkeyscotland.com

03-Sep-10, 17:33
Karate classes in Wick every monday and wednesday at 7.00 pm and saturdays (various classes) 10.00am until 1.00 pm. Classes continue through school holidays.

Contact Spike on 01955 605865 for details.