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03-Jan-10, 22:07
I truly can't believe what rubbish me and the better half have just watched - went to tescos today and bought this DVD - it is the worst ever. The acting was awful; the story line was pants. What i remember from film reviews i thought this was meant to have terrific special effects when 'Doomsday' arrived - thus the certificate 15. We sat there comepletly mistified as to what we have just seen and why it was a cert 15. I can honestly believe that the Simpson Movie that our son went to watch in his room would have been miles better -

if you would like to watch this guff please send me a pm and i will drop it off for you - free!!! I can honestly say I am ashamed to have bought it - never mind sat through it !!!

10-Jan-10, 19:58
Second that, I thought it was some epic big budget end of world disaster movie, I sat all they way through it trying to convince myself that the good bit was coming................. boy was I disappointed

02-Mar-10, 21:29
just read this thread................ my oh and I biught this as well from tesco. going by the hype it got we thought it would be great.......needless to say we to watched it in disbelief utter rubbish...........watched snapped in half binned best thing for it.......thank goodness it wiz reduced to a fiver[disgust][disgust]

02-Mar-10, 22:23
i think your getting mixed up with 2012 and 2012 doomsday!! they r different films, 2012 is the 1 with great special effects:lol:

06-Mar-10, 16:27
No, I think these people got it spot on. The guy who made this film is rubbish, he did Independence Day and it just did his usual of destroying iconic American buildings with CGI for dramatic effect. Yeah, we saw you do that with the White House in 1996, mate, its been done and has gotten a little old. Seeing the WTC fall in real life on CNN makes anything along those lines look a little cheap. That was real life. You'll never be as shocked as that day.

The end was a joke, and the characters were so poorly written I couldn't have given a stuff about whether they lived / survived or not.

The bit where the limo jumped through a building just about summed it up for me. Ludicrous. Bad film beefed up by ropey CGI. Compare it to Avatar 3D for how special effects are supposed to look. (Even though that in itself was a bit of a hackneyed plot).

14-Apr-10, 19:42
2012 was very poor imho, no substance and way too much special effects.


14-Apr-10, 22:03
The special effects were....well they were poop really. I noticed that some scenes seemed awsome, then the next looked cheap.

I kinda liked the story if i made it up and changed it in my head, but it needed more money and more thought to it.

If your gonna make a movie like that then it cant be something you wrote up on a post-it! It needs to be spectacular, not made on budget!

15-Apr-10, 12:57
:lol: I loved it it. [lol]
I've even watched it again. lmao. ( assuming we are talking about the one with that Cussack fella in it???

15-Apr-10, 16:10
The 2012 doomsday was by faithfilms and was a cheesey religious cheap version of 2012. I borrowed the doomsday one off my Mother in Law. It was rubbish!! 2012 i thought was not bad certainly not the worst movie i have ever seen.

04-May-10, 21:16
:lol: I loved it it. [lol]
I've even watched it again. lmao. ( assuming we are talking about the one with that Cussack fella in it???

Cussack was in 2012.

2012 Doomsday is the one with unheard, terrible, cheap, fake actors with a dreadful opening scene.

I can't take this seriously. The acting is terrible. I have a right mind to send it back to my mate who got me it for my b-day.

05-May-10, 08:22
Yup 2012 doomsday cgi,acting etc is awful because it was done on a awful budget.

The actual big budget 2012 film has great cgi, good-ish acting with a pritty crap story.

Im really into to films with earth getting blown up or what ever but 2012 was a let down, Its worth a watch though just to see the cgi

28-May-10, 07:19
I own up. I was the mug that bought this 2012 Doomsday from Tesco. It is the worst film ever made. Watched the first 30 minutes then removed from player and deposited in bin.

29-May-10, 15:39
After reading the revew youd have to pay me to watch this! :roll:

30-May-10, 17:45
After reading the revew youd have to pay me to watch this! :roll:

I've 2p in my pocket