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Tom Cornwall
28-Apr-06, 19:43
Has anyone laid a laminate floor? I am planning it, and have been told that you can lay it on top of carpet, as long as it is a flat carpet, thus doing away with the need for underlay. Is this true? and has any one got any tips to help make the job easier? thanks in anticipation

28-Apr-06, 21:03
cedric is going to be laying one too. so if anyone has advise about going round pipes would be grateful.

footie chick
28-Apr-06, 21:55
Wouldn't lay on carpet would be too high you get laminate underlay for not too much. Round pipes is easy measure where rad pipes are jigsaw line, bore hole for same size as pipes then clip round easy:) test on scrap piece if u are not sure!

09-May-06, 10:14
I put laminate flooring down in my house, Another tip for you is to take the skirtings of and put them back down after floor is laid(keeping flooring away from wall by 10mm), This saves alot of money as you dont need to buy beading.

12-May-06, 23:08
Would not advise to lay on top of carpet, underlay is not expensive. Careful when cutting out for pipes etc. as the laminate can flake of the the board if you cut the wrong way, always cut down through the laminate into the board.

16-May-06, 13:08

I layed a laminate floor in my hallway a couple of years ago by myself ( i was dead proud of myself) I didnt find it hard but i did use a jigsaw thingie and was careful which way to cut the laminate so it didnt flake. Use the underlay - its not expensive and its worth it. Also use the spacers provided or if you run out - lego bricks ( they did the trick just fine). If you have the clicky stuff it might be easier - i used the glue together stuff and although it worked i think clicking it into place might be easier.