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30-Dec-09, 20:32
I have just taken up geocaching. My son came home for xmas last year and took me out as I wanted to see what it was like. I thoroughly enjoyed it but never did anything more about it. This xmas he gave me a gps so before he went back he made sure I could use it and took me out to see if I could find 2 caches. We found the one at dunnet head and the one at east mey (there's a wee harbour there I never even knew existed!) He's away back now so I am going to try and find the one at Murkle tomorrow on my own - got my gps ready to go - watch this space!

31-Dec-09, 00:17
there's one at auckengill as well, also one at dunnett forest
good fun hope you find them
remember you can also set them as well
www.geocaching.com (http://www.geocaching.com)

02-Jan-10, 16:44
I found the one in dunnet forest today. I took the dogs with me and we all thoroughly enjoyed our walk in there. I tried to find the one at murkle yesterday but will have to go back and try again.