View Full Version : Dog kennels

27-Apr-06, 20:55
Can anyone recommend boarding kennels for small dogs?
Ramscraig is booked up and I cant get through to the one at Keiss.
Any other ideas?

28-Apr-06, 01:17
don't go to the one at keiss anyway!!!!!!

28-Apr-06, 13:34
don't go to the one at keiss anyway!!!!!!

Totally agree, took our dog there on an overnight due to a personal emergency, would never use again[mad]

28-Apr-06, 13:40
I left mine a fortnight,,, How she didn't die is beyond me!!! ps. this is not slander I have the pictures to prove it.

28-Apr-06, 16:41
Thanks everyone!! I definately wont my dog in keiss then!!

29-Apr-06, 11:29
I have used Kincraig Kennels which are about 20 miles before Inverness, right on the A9. They were brilliant:Razz My dog came out the same way he went in & you could tell he had been well looked after. They even commented on how he liked his cuddles!! & there is only one way they could have found that out:p This is obviously only an option though if you are driving down that way?
Hope this helps!!!