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27-Dec-09, 13:38
Anyone got suggestions for trying to keep the rabbits water bottles ice free?

Im using a 2 bottle system changing over the bottle for a new one at least twice a day but it is still getting pretty iced up overnight!

Hubby suggested lagging the bottle with socks but its the spout that seems to be the worst affected!

27-Dec-09, 15:01
Not much you can do for the spout but socks does work a treat on the bottles, also only half fill your bottles to allow for expansion.

27-Dec-09, 16:00
You could put some pipe insulation around the bottle, or Pets at Home sell an insulated, waterproof sleeve you can put around the bottle, don't know about the spout though.

27-Dec-09, 18:23
hello if u put a small ball in the bottle the movement keeps the water from freezing but i suppose it would still freeze in the spout mmmmmmmmm:roll: may be not much help there

27-Dec-09, 18:30
Wrap it in bubble wrap,tin foil....worth a try.

28-Dec-09, 20:10
The spout is a problem for me too! I am having to defrost the bottles at least 4 times daily. I have a bottle snug thing for the rabbits, but the water still freezes after about 4 hours! I only fill the bottle 1/4 full so there is room for the expasion of the ice and there isn't much point filling it futher as it freezes so quickly and ends up being changed! I have also put a bowl of water with a ball in it in thei hutches. The movement of the ball keeps the ice broken and at least they still have access to water. Though I have to change that as often because they fill it with hay, litter, food :lol:

28-Dec-09, 21:05
I have resorted to using warm water in the bottles!

They dont freeze as fast.

But still need changed morning noon and night!

Cant wait for the weather to change to something warmer..

28-Dec-09, 21:08
Warm water freezes faster than cold water.

29-Dec-09, 02:24
put glycerine in the water the same stuff you put in food or when you are icing a cake. 2 tsp per half pint. do not confuse it with glycol ethelene that goes in cars to stop freezing radiators. glycerine will not harm your animal. better still put then in doors by the fire wrapped in a blanket.

it works!

goes down to about -18 to -38 degrees

30-Dec-09, 00:33
Hmm I haven't heard of using glycerine before. Sure it's ok to do?

30-Dec-09, 18:02
i have in the past used this with my rabbits, about 5% glycerine 95% water the freezing point should be around -8 ;this is the same stuff you stick in your icing to stop it from going rock hard it keeps royal icing soft.

and dont forget animals will not usually drink anything unsafe they know you know my rabbits were not bothered by it at all.

glycerine is used in a lot of things not always foodstuffs sometimes handcreams and the like but i can assure you it is a perfectly safe foodstuff safe for us and safe for animals. taste it yourself you wont even notice the difference it just wont freeze as quick and as hard.

30-Dec-09, 20:24
Your absolutely right. I got it and put it in the bottles and they are drinking fine. Thanks for that tip. I was also told today that beer coolers in the bottles work as well but not sure what they are, off to google..

05-Jan-10, 13:39
Thanks for the tip, I haven't tried it yet, but I will do :D