View Full Version : Music Shop in Orkney

27-Apr-06, 00:35
While I was in Orkney I came across a new music shop by the name of K2, it has everything from a Digeredoo to violins, guitars etc etc, loads in stock and they can deliver to Caithness for very small fees.
Their number is 01856 878680 and the guy that owns it is Keith Rendall.
Am I correct in saying that the music shops here are closing down ??
Thought this might be handy information for all you musicians out there.

27-Apr-06, 14:00
I came across this place 6 years ago. Maybe if the shops in Wick and Thurso adoped a similar style they would still be here.

28-Apr-06, 00:25
The K2 music shop in kirkwall has only been going for a couple of years, he had a shop in Stromness before the kirkwall one but he closed it to open a bigger one in Kirkwall. He also sells blinds and curtains etc from the shop. I've had a few blinds from him and he's very reasonable and he had them delivered to my door in Thurso. Well worth a call for any of your musical needs or blinds, curtains etc.