View Full Version : Miracle on 34th Street

21-Dec-09, 00:52

Greatest Christmas film ever!!!!

Watched it tonight with the kids and it's still as amazing now as it was when I was wee!

21-Dec-09, 00:59
Awsome movie. Used to watch it e whole time when i was wee! Aint seen it in years tho. Might be time til get e kids watchin it! :Razz

21-Dec-09, 19:03
A terrific film....I watch my old video every year...............:)

23-Dec-09, 21:59
A real Christmas Classic ~ have replaced my well worn video with the DVD for this year.:D

25-Dec-09, 01:17
I had never seen the black and white version till today, it was lovely.

28-Dec-09, 23:19
Bought the dvd a few weeks ago. Colour version is good but a bit disappointing. Still prefer the black and white version. What a weepie, hanky to the eyes time. Just love it. Seasons greetings to you.:lol: