View Full Version : Pies Again

24-Apr-06, 18:37
Doing our rounds today and a fine gentleman came out of "BEWS THE BUTCHERS" and handed us a bag of pies - They were fantastic.

This is not an advertisement - just that we are always on the look out for free pies :)

Cheers Mr M

Billy Boy
24-Apr-06, 19:07
aye they looked good and by the look on acameron face they tasted brillient(he looked like the cat that got the cream):lol: :p

24-Apr-06, 19:43
Hiiiiiiiinnnnngggg on a minute Billy Boy - the look on MY face - Jings man, you near broke my hands taking the TWO pies off me and I believe the words I heard you say "Those pies really filled me up" -As for myself I enjoyed them but I could only manage the one as I had 2 Johnstone bridies to eat as well (had to pay for the Johnstone ones the free ones taste better.)

Billy Boy
24-Apr-06, 19:58
jing's what is it about a free pie that make's it taste sooooooooo good?:lol:

24-Apr-06, 22:17
Yes indeed Billyboy - I agree with your statement that "FREE PIES" eaten by the "THURSO BINMEN" taste really great. There is not a sight better than "THURSO BINMEN" eating "FREE PIES"