View Full Version : quiz nights

07-Feb-04, 13:13
How about doing quiz nights again,,,
What nights would suit people and times please.
They were good fun!

07-Feb-04, 18:05
you must have read my mind [lol] I have been collecting questions and plan to host a Sunday night quiz in a few weeks. Watch for the date to be posted... and in the meantime....anyone else feel up to doing it?

Mr P Cannop
07-Feb-04, 18:49
I would join in if i could get into the chat rooms as i have been banned ??

07-Feb-04, 22:19
a quiz night would be fun i think

Sassylass - i cant wait to hear your questions lol

Seeya soon


Alan Farquhar
09-Feb-04, 20:35
Starting up the quiz night again sounds good.
Although us East Coasters will be disadvantaged not having broadband like some. [lol] [lol]
So someone will need to look into making the quiz equal. :p