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04-Dec-09, 00:23
I am looking for somebody that does riding lessons, I would be looking at having jumping and flat lessons.


04-Dec-09, 11:16
I would recommend Jean Gunn - she's an excellent instructor. You'd have to travel to her or hire the indoor school at Halkirk though. Her yard is over at Sibster Mains, just a few miles outside of Wick. Her number is 01955 603270. She has a massive outdoor school with a rubber surface and loads of decent jumps!
Or there is James Munro, he's the main instructor at the equestrian college. I know he does lessons in the evening at the indoor school but he might be already booked up.
And I know Mary Elder does lessons - she'll travel to you or teach at the indoor school if you hire it. I don't have James or Mary's number though!
Also Marion Bain at Achalone does lessons on her horses or your own horse but you'd have to travel to her school near Halkirk. Her number is 01847 831326.
OR you can join the Caithness Riding Club:
They do group lesson on a regular basis with local and visiting instructors. It's at the indoor school in Halkirk and the prices are 15 for local or 20 for visiting instructors. You're put in a slot with people of similar ability and they do flat work or jumping. It's good craic and an easy way of getting to meet other horsey folk in the area! :D
Hope you have success in your quest for an instructor!!

04-Dec-09, 19:42
Marion Bain is an excellent instructor, she taught me for many years! :Razz

Highly recommended by me.