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22-Apr-06, 22:25
Can recommend Caithness Tyres for both price and service!

Was unfortunate to get a puncture on a trip down to Inverness. Whilst down there checked out prices from Kwik Fit and a couple of other places. No one had the tyre size I needed in stock, and the prices were expensive.

So, called into Caithness Tyres on the way back home. They had to order the tyres in, but it only took a day.

And the price for two tyres was less than the price for one tyre in Inverness!

Great stuff!

23-Apr-06, 15:13
ive alway found the local tyre places cheaper than motorway or hi q whatever its called, and they sell you what you NEED not what they want to sell you.

24-Apr-06, 16:29
Totally agree - fantastic and most importantly HONEST service! Not what we've had from McConeghys - HiQ whatever.... Highly recommended!!!!

24-Apr-06, 19:49
glad to hear the recommendations. i need 2 new tyres b4 service next month. last time i let dicksons in Inverness do it for me at the service they charged me nearly 80 per tyre. Now i'll going to caithness tyres first. Thanks all for the info:D

24-Apr-06, 19:56
Totally agree - fantastic and most importantly HONEST service! Not what we've had from McConeghys - HiQ whatever.... Highly recommended!!!!I've always found MConecheys to be good, can't fault them!

24-Apr-06, 20:17
Try this website, get some great deals on tyres just have to get them fitted and balanced but should still save you money.

Billy Boy
24-Apr-06, 20:39
nice one lasher excellent price's that include p&p:lol:

footie chick
24-Apr-06, 21:15
Good one just made my night need 4 new tyres lot less painful this way. :grin:

03-Aug-06, 12:43
For tyres try ( black circle .com ) very good on price.

03-Aug-06, 15:59
went to caithness tyres the other day as I thought exhaust was rattling. It got checked and was okay so he also checked my tyre pressure as I said I was travelling south soon and he put air in the tyres. And he charged me NOTHING..will definitely go back.

05-Aug-06, 22:11
I alway got to patty for my tryes great service and cheap too

15-Aug-06, 09:21
out in the sticks here - where exactly is 'Caithness Tyres' situated?


15-Aug-06, 16:13
Used to be Mowats Garage, beside Elm Tree Filling station. George St.
Can't fault Patty, excellent service and very reasonable, wouldn't go anywhere else.

15-Aug-06, 16:41
Have to admit i used to use him all the time but last twice ended up needing alot more done to my car afterwards could be coincidence but i wont go back now

08-Sep-06, 13:15
I have now replaced 4 tyres on my car. i was told they were an odd size and needed to be ordered. Patty tracked them down and i got them about 1/2 the price quoted in Inverness. Patty also fixed a bracket on the exhaust of my daughters car and didn't charge a thing. Thats service for you.:)

08-Sep-06, 16:40
One of the nicest guys I've met. Honest and obliging. I wouldnt go anywhere else!

08-Sep-06, 17:36
i always go to paty for my tyre he always has them in stock and he's cheap too you cant beat it

10-Sep-06, 20:11
I work for a company who thrives on customer experience and Patty and team are excellent.

If you have a problem they sort it out and anything else they can do to help, great service and good price, wont bother with anyone else as the service is ace, well done Pt get a pay rise??

10-Sep-06, 20:37
we've always used Mconecheys for mot, tyres and anything else our car needs can't fault them excellent service.

10-Sep-06, 21:36
Try Charlie Angus in Thurso. Very reasonable

11-Sep-06, 16:25
I've always found Caithness Tyres to be very reasonable - suggested them to my dad and they were cheaper than anywhere else he'd tried!