View Full Version : Nativity with Martin Freeman and Alan Carr

30-Nov-09, 22:00
Going to see this on Sunday - saw the trailer for it when I was watching Up. Looks hilarious and I am probably looking forward to it more than the daughter!! Will let you know how it goes.

08-Dec-09, 22:31
It was great, really, really funny. So if you are in Inverness with or without kids, give it a go. It is a BBC made film and has Ashley Jensen in it and Ricky Tomlinson too.

09-Dec-09, 13:49
I have seen trailers of this on the Tv and it looks like it will be really good.

Glad you liked Skinnydog.:D

I will have to wait for it come out on DVD.:(

05-Jan-10, 21:27
Me too Liz :~(.

I was in Inverness and had a choice: go and see the rellies or go and see The Nativity. I chose the rellies. Couldn't believe that they only had it on in the day tho!