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30-Nov-09, 19:03
When signing up, i had to get my ISP to get me a new email because someone else in my house was using our main Tiscali email for an Org account. I now use this address for signing up for things that will most certainly spam me frequently, like surveys i do to get free stuff. Because so much spam comes through this account, I never check it. Therefore, I was wondering if I could set my email program (Mozilla Thunderbird) to forward messages from the Org to my Gmail account, or if there's an option in the Org control panel to email me to my gmail account instead of the tiscali one?

01-Dec-09, 02:21
click on user cp on blue bar above
then edit email and password


01-Dec-09, 10:35
Nope, as soon as you return to a Gmail or other blocked e-mail domain (http://forum.caithness.org/showthread.php?p=542400) you'll get a warning to change it to a non-blocked one. However, Tiscali give you the option to create multiple sub-users so why not just create one specifically for other sites and keep your Org one clear of junk?