View Full Version : McAfee is driving me insane!!

28-Nov-09, 23:00
just started a couple of days ago but McAfee keeps popping up with a message saying "Your computer is not fully protected" then "check protection status" option

I click that and a new window opens up which shows 4 sections of computer that its supposed to be protecting

Computer & Files
Internet & Network
Email & IM
Parental Controls

every time this message pops up (which can be up to 5 times a night) its always Computer & files and Email & IM that "Action Required" is needed, go through the process, get message saying I am all protected again and then it will pop up half an hour later with exactly the same problem

its getting silly now and I'm fed up with fixing it, anyone know of a permanent fix?

29-Nov-09, 00:02