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26-Nov-09, 20:26
Hi. A couple of weeks ago I went wireless with a Siemens Gigaset SE587 router. It was a bit of a nightmare to set up but I managed it and all was well until today. For some reason, the icon at the bottom right of the screen tells me I am connected but that there is 'No internet access'. Can someone please suggest how I go about resolving this?

To make this post, I'm back on my old wired modem.

Many thanks.

27-Nov-09, 00:17
when you see that icon and it says you are connected, that means you are connected wirelessly between your PC or laptop and the router via wireless and sounds like there is no connection the other way which is down the phone cable, into the BT phone socket, to the "outside world" and the BT network.

when you have the wireless router plugged in normally there are several lights that have to be on and behaving in the right way (should be some sort of guide as to the behavior of the lights that came with your router or you may find a user guide online somewhere if you enter the make and model of your wireless router) e.g. power (on), Lan lights (normally 1, 2, 3 and 4 and one will only be lit if you have a device plugged hard wired into one of the 4 ports), wireless (should be on and flickering), DSL or Link (should be on and solid) and internet (should be on if you have a connection to the BT network)

Obviously these lights may be called something else or may just be an icon.

If these lights are not behaving the way they should then it will say you are connected (wirelessly) but no net connection.

hope this makes sense?

27-Nov-09, 00:33
Thanks Brian. Before I saw your post, I'd just managed to get myself back 'on'. It happened after I ticked this box (see pic). I got to the box via Control Panel/Internet Options. I'm happy again (for now...)