View Full Version : tonights quiz sept 20

20-Sep-01, 22:19
it was a hard one !*G* im so evil! but the winner was ACameron with 90 points! congrats! and the runners up were... milkman=5 points caraid and highlander 10 points weegili 20 points bolt = 31 points ljrcc and sjr = 35 points partan=53 points you = 55 points gleeber=61 points hairy = 66 points htwood=75

20-Sep-01, 22:24
Only brainy folk come from Thurso - and a man did win it Highlander lol

20-Sep-01, 22:44
Thank you edori for a good night's fun and questions. Congratulations to AC and good luck with next week's quiz....you might need it :grin:

21-Sep-01, 12:56
och.. i know i posted a few hard questions.. *laughs* but im in fear for next week *giggles* AC gonna slip me a cheat note? *G* my friend!!