View Full Version : Any chance of another cinema?

17-Nov-09, 19:42
Seems to be all quiet on the cinema front, anyone know if anythings going to replace it or are we doomed to a very very long drive?

Rumours of a nightclub in the building?

26-Nov-09, 21:28
Wow 91 views and no replies, I've hear there is at least one interested party though this cant be confirmed.

We're needing stuff to do on these long winter nights, keep your suggestions clean and alcohol free please : )

26-Nov-09, 22:40
The cinema was hardly used as it was. Why would another one work ?

27-Nov-09, 12:11
I beg to differ, on a Tuesday when it was reasonably priced it was busy.
And if it wasn't busy it's hardly suprising, who wants to go to a run down place that isn't maintained.

28-Nov-09, 18:50
quite a few years back somebody used to hire out the town hall in thurso for a cinema night .
It wouldnt of thought it would be that hard to organise something like that again.
robglysen you could always by your own projector there not as dear now as they used to be you can get a good entry level project for about 500
I have hd65 optoma projector i love it if it ever breaks i will by another one

29-Nov-09, 00:27
Anyone know about the mobile cinema? Why has that not been introduced even as a temp measure.

29-Nov-09, 03:58
i went to see the hurt locker the week before it was closed. i was also a regular to the cinema i enjoyed it there i had no problems with it.

shame its gone

ps the hangover rocked!

29-Nov-09, 13:20
Anyone know about the mobile cinema? Why has that not been introduced even as a temp measure.

Im going back quite few years before the ten pin bowling ally was there.
All it needs is a decent projector for about 2000 or hire one a screen speekers and a player and a hall and someone with a bit of confidence to have a go a organising it maybey there is not enough demand for every day use but there might be a demand for once a fortnight
Probably hireing the kit to start of with would be better if i was to take a stab at guesing i would say about 18 year ago when there was cinema showing in the town hall

You have to admire this pensioners cinema i would love to have this its quality


29-Nov-09, 13:34
First film I ever saw was at the town hall, using the mobile projector. If I remember correctly, in the couple of years before the cinema opened, there was a mobile cinema van? I think it went all around the Highlands, might be worth getting in touch with them?

29-Nov-09, 13:52
Just found this link in a google search a mobile cinema